Anna Kendrick Takes on the Antichrist in the 'Rapturepalooza' Red Band Trailer

Rapturepalooza Red Band Trailer

Back in 2011, you may recall a lot of hoopla about the world coming to an end and how the faithful would be spared Armageddon and taken to meet God during the Rapture. Obviously, that didn't happen. However, that didn't stop director Paul Middleditch and writer Chris Matheson (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure) from satirizing the idea with their film Rapturepalooza.

The low-budget comedy, which has been in development for the past two years, stars Anna Kendrick (Scott Pilgrim vs. The World) and John Francis Daley (Bones) as a couple who are trying to make things work in a post-Rapture world, but run into trouble when the Antichrist (played by The Office's Craig Robinson) tries to seduce Kendrick's character.

As you can see from the newly-released red band trailer for the film, the half-baked idea doesn't seem to work, despite boasting a strong comedic cast (which also includes Rob Corddry, Ana Gasteyer, Ken Jeong, and other comic actors). It's easy to imagine how a film like this could be successful, perhaps as an apocalyptic parody or a religious satire, but Rapturepalooza looks like it's missed the mark by going overly broad and crude.

Rapturepalooza Red Band Trailer

The budget was likely also an issue. The movie, which was conceived under Lionsgate's relatively new microbudget division, cost only $2 million to produce. To people outside of Hollywood, $2 million probably seems like a lot of money, but in the world of feature film, it is not. That doesn't mean you can't be funny on  a low budget, but Rapturepalooza's big ideas seem constrained by the limited resources.

That being said, the talent involved in this movie could be enough for it to actually find some level of success, especially given its low cost. Personally, however, I'll be waiting for a couple of other end of the world comedies: Seth Rogen's This Is The End and Simon Pegg & Edgar Wright's The World's End.

Rapturepalooza hits theaters and On Demand on May 10th, 2013.

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