Rapper Common Talks A-Team Movie

The A-Team movie is a project that has been in development for years and years now, with various different people attached to write, star and direct at different stages. The first name attached to helm it was Boyz In The Hood director John Singleton, but he dropped out (due to creative differences), and then Smokin' Aces director Joe Carnahan was brought on-board.

The last we heard, Chris Pine was in talks to play the role of Murdock, which was played by Dwight Schultz in the original TV series, and Ice Cube was in talks to play B.A. Baracus. Regarding the latter, it appears that nothing came of it as there's a new contender for the role famously played by Mr. T: Rapper-turned-actor Common.

In an interview with our friends over at IESB promoting the upcoming Terminator Salvation, Common confirmed that he was at least being held in consideration for the role:

"I can't speak on it yet until we know what's going on but that would be an incredible character to play... (laughing) I can't do the Mohawk but we got to do something, we got to find something to make it work... I would love to [do it], just to work with Joe [Carnahan] is so exciting for me I just had such a great experience [making Smokin' Aces]. I feel that he is one of the freshest directors and innovative guys and fun, he is a quality guy, quality director and man, I just want to work with him... You know you need to keep your pace and patience and let things develop... I want it to be as diverse as possible, [but] first of all I don't want act like I've been given the role of B.A. So let me be honest about that...

[But] it's great to be in those talks because to be considered to be in another Joe Carnahan movie would be just an honor for me... You definetly have to give it something different [than what Mr. T did]... It's a new day, you just got to give it something new. The kids don't know that B.A. so you wanna bring something new to it and you want to pay respect to B.A. and the way B.A was created, too. I believe there is a way to find a combination, I have certain similarities to Mr. T already. We are both from Chicago, we are both rebels in our own way. I could really get that, I could really get that."

In the interview, Common also talked a bit about his casting in the now dead (as far as we know) Justice League movie as the Green Lantern. He says that he hasn't heard anything new since last year, and that he doesn't think it'll happen anytime soon, if it ever does. He talked about the fact that he had the Green Lantern costumed fitted, as well as saying it was taking the superhero characters (including Batman and Superman) in a different direction (based on storyboards he saw), with Mad Max and Happy Feet director George Miller apparently going to "smash" the project.

Common certainly ain't no thespian, but I say more power to him for being able to get the sort of roles he's gotten ever since he delved into the world of movies a few years ago with Smokin' Aces. He's in one of this summer's biggest blockbusters, Terminator Salvation, and he played parts in other action fare: last year's Wanted (which was awesome) and the aforementioned Smokin' Aces. He's not the worst actor in the world, but for what he does - that tough gun shooting type of guy - he's at the very least serviceable from what I've seen.

Is he right for the role of B.A. Baracus? I wouldn't say so, especially when he has Mr. T's portrayal of the character to live up to. I am in two minds when it comes to the role for the new movie; on the one hand I think it has to be recast because I don't think it fits well with the current movie going age and what audiences will credibly accept to appear on-screen. But on the other hand, Mr. T's turn as the character is almost too legendary to try and top. I really don't know what they can do - either way it doesn't seem to work.

Just to throw my two cents in, I think Michael Clarke Duncan would be a good choice for the role if they're going with the recasting route. He's tough looking and yet has a charm and likability about him. He's a decent actor (great when he's given the right roles, such as in The Green Mile) and let's not forget he's built like a frickin' house. I think he'd make a great B.A.

Who could you see replace Mr. T has B.A. Baracus? Is Common in any way suited?

The A-Team is supposed to be released on July 11th, 2010.

Source: IESB

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