Ranking Every Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Romance Option

In wake of Bioware's Anthem lacking any romance, other RPG's have stepped up their love interest options. One of the most surprising, and popular, examples has been Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Whether you play as Kassandra or Alexios, there are a dozen people across Greece that you can romance, love, or just get a little flirty with.

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With so many romance options, it's hard for any player to choose. Luckily, in Odyssey, the game plays it pretty loose when it comes to exclusivity. Even though a player can romance all of Greece or just their favorites, there are definitely some romances that are better than others.

Here is a ranking of every Assassin's Creed: Odyssey romance option.


The worst romance in Odyssey is easily its most controversial. Throughout the game, the player has full agency of their romance choices and sexual orientation. This was a big appeal to general fans, but even more so to members of the LGBTQ+ community. They could orient their character to be just like them, a rarity in video games.

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In the Hidden Blade DLC, however, the narrative shatters that by forcing the player into a monogamous, heterosexual relationship and have a kid. While there is a story purpose for this, to set up the protagonist to save their child, it ruined a lot of gamers' choices and experiences. While Neema and Natakas are fine enough characters, the forced relationship is terrible in a game modeled around personal choice.


In easy summation, Mikkos is an awful person. Not only does he abandon his sick nephew to go drinking, but the place he drinks is in league with the source of Neleus' illness. For a fun, flirty experience, Mikkos is a fun guy. After all, his romance does include a possible threesome (or even foursome). But when it comes to overall personality, he falls short for a lot of players.

If your Alexios/Kassandra is always looking for a good time, Mikkos will be great. However, if they have a fierce sense of duty or justice, they'll just be greatly disappointed in him.


One of the funniest quests in Odyssey involves a caged young man, a violent bandit, and a very horny blacksmith. The blacksmith, Kosta, dotes on the player the second he meets them. He thinks they have god-like beauty and hits on them at every chance. When his part of the quest is over, it ends with a bit of steamy action.

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However, the mission only gets funnier from there. After retrieving the items from Kosta and the bandit, it's revealed Kosta and the bandit are the caged boy's real parents. Ergo, the player romanced his dad and ended his mom's life. Instead of the boy going full Oedipus, you did it for him. This mission alone is worth all the map-traveling the game has.


Not every romance option in Odyssey is a great person. Of all the choices, Diona is likely the most abjectly evil of the bunch. This beautiful lady isn't just falsely claiming to be Aphrodite, but she also is a Kosmos cultist. That means she's after you and your family.

The player can have a few flirty chats with her, and even get an implied steamy scene, but that changes nothing about her objectives. In the end, there will be a battle and Kassandra or Alexios has to fight her. No matter how great a lover you are, Diona remains a cultust through and through.


Despite being ravishingly gorgeous, Zapheras doesn't have much else to offer. Her personality is impulsive and rebellious. In truth, her only life goals the player ever learns is to defy her mother. There isn't much behind her pretty face, at least as far as the game's concerned. She's a beautiful wild child that you can either scold or indulge.

Though most players would pick the former, that doesn't add depth to her character. The pair can have a lovely cliff-side afternoon, but after that you never meet again. If only there was more to a girl as appealing as Zapheras.


Beautiful and artistic, Aikaterine is a surprising love interest. She's an actress in danger, threatened by a local Cult of Kosmos goon. She sends Kassandra/Alexios on a mission to end their life, freeing her from the city. Then, she can run to Thespis and be safe. Over the time the player knows her, they can start a romance and share a few romantic moments.

Unfortunately, though, no matter what the player does she will leave them to run away. While spending time with the pretty woman gets a cultist out of the way, she doesn't stick around for long.


Anyone into muscles will instantly swoon for the charming pirate queen, Xenia. She's brash, apologetic, and ultimately selfish, but she gives the sweetest pickup lines. Her love for her island and treasure supersedes Kassandra/Alexios, but she's cool with that. She wouldn't expect a heroic adventurer to be the settling type, anyway.

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As far as one-off flings go, Xenia is a great option. Even though it's clear you will never be together again, the experience is one no hero could ever forget. After all, the player has to collect treasures far and wide to catch her eye. That's probably the most annoying part of romancing her, and the main reason she ranks fairly low.


Unless Kassandra/Alexios manages to forget Odessa in the cage on Odysseus' palace, she is the first love interest all players meet. Spunky, bold, with a chip on her shoulder, Odessa is a woman adventure in her heart. Named after her ancestor Odysseus, she wants to prove herself to be worthy of her heritage.

However, between bandits, land grudges, and sick fathers things keep on getting in her way. The player can romance her after helping her solve home troubles, and even can bring her along as part of the Adrestia crew. Though her personality kind of screams sidekick, she's still a fascinating romance to explore.


Auxesia isn't just an errant romance option, she's utterly unforgettable. The player only spends one very long day with Auxesia, but she's a spitfire woman with a love for lust. At first, she wants plants to help her husband be more interested in her exploits. However, her husband prefers to pay Kassandra/Alexios to please his wife.

In a hilarious, wonderfully done cut-scene, you watch the day go by and the husband enjoy his alone time, while Auxesia and the hero enjoy themselves in the bedroom. Though Auxesia doesn't ask for round two, romancing her once is more than entertaining enough.


In Phokis, the hero of Odyssey will find a temple of Artemis with a lead huntress, Daphnae, looking for a champion. She desires for Kassandra/Alexios to head out into the world and bring back pelts from legendary beasts. Along the hero's journey, they'll slay these animals and maybe even flirt with Daphnae herself. There is a lot of tension, kissing, and implied moments between the two.

However, once the player defeats all legendary monsters, Daphnae will surprise them by saying they must fight her in mortal combat. After all, it's Kassandra/Alexios' "destiny" to be the new leader of the Daughters of Artemis. Whether the player spares her or ends her life, they will never see sweet Daphnae again. It's a cute romance with a tragic ending.


Throughout Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, Kassandra/Alexios meet a ton of steamy, strong romantic options. Almost all of them are warriors, revolutionaries, or political leaders. However, one of the most gentle, sweet romances is with the unique Lykaon. Instead of assertion or leadership, his specialty is healing.

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The local doctor in the Chora of Delphi, Lykaon is first met when the player helps him get some herbs. Afterward, Kassandra/Alexios help him with family troubles that weigh heavily on his heart. After all, his grandmother, a previous Oracle, got a lot of people killed. At the end of his quest, he says the hero helps him see clearly and makes him a better man. He's so wholesome and handsome that it's sad he and the adventuring protagonist could never work to long-term.


If anyone on this list is a kindred soul to the hero, it's Roxana. Not only is she a fierce fighter, but she's trying to fight for her family's legacy and become greater than herself. The woman is brave, strong, and an honorable foe. When they meet, the pair can train together and become lovers. However, once the competition starts in the Obsidian Islands, Kassandra/Alexios must face their friend/lover.

Luckily for Roxana fans, the hero can convince her to forge a new path and help them defeat the cult member running the show. Then, she can join your mission. As far as head-canons go, this romance is one that can really go the distance long-term.


Though he's not the most romantic, Alkibiades is more than likely a favorite of many players. Not only does Kassandra/Alexios join him on sexcapades, but they aid him in a few very odd requests. When a player first meets him, he's having a lusty experience in a bedroom, looking like the town layabout instead of anything of substance. However, over time, the hero learns there's a lot more to him than just a pretty, free-loving face.

Ultimately, Alkibiades is a politician who one day hopes to lead Athens. He dumps the hero to settle down with his shrewd political marriage and have an even stronger influence. Even if he was a disappointment romantically, he remains a fascinating person.


While Odyssey includes romance, a huge downfall is how fleeting a lot of it is. Most of the time, it's a few flirt options and maybe a single scene. However, when it comes to the Silver Islands missions, romance can get a lot more in-depth, albeit mildly. The player can romance either Thetalas or Kyra, a couple fighting against a tyrannical leader.

Thetalas is a Spartan leader through and through, headstrong but full of heart. He cares deeply for his people, which drew him to Kyra, but his Spartan heritage and warrior ways also draw him to the hero. Eventually, through a battle and some comradery, Kassandra/Alexios can win Thetalas' heart, even if he cannot stay. This romance can have dangerous consequences, though...


By far, the romance with Kyra is not only well-fleshed out, but a fan favorite. She's a fiery revolutionary who wants to protect her people, but has a dark past of her own and a lot weighing on her shoulders. The hero can become her friend and, with time, her lover. All you have to do is help her people and help her learn who she really is.

Kassandra/Alexios and Kyra will bond over their similar pasts and the beliefs that bind them. Though it will break Thetalas' heart, it's hard for fans not to fall for this Silver Island beauty. Be wary, though, because Thetalas can take the news even worse than you'd expect.

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