Ranked: The Most Powerful Witches In Sabrina

Greendale is a dark and mysterious place. It's filled with powerful witches and warlocks. Each of them has their own unique abilities and strengths. From Satan's handmaid to a half mortal more powerful than her pure witch neighbors, Greendale is rife with supernatural figures. The Church of Night is dedicated to carrying out Satan's will on earth. The devoted draw immense power from their faith but some are more powerful than others. We've ranked the witches from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina from least to most powerful. Read on to see who the most powerful people in Greendale are. If you dare.

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10. Dorcas

Don’t let Dorcas’ fair skin and innocent blue eyes fool you. The red-haired witch is capable of evil. Dorcas is an orphan who grew up in the Church of Night. Her bond with Agatha and Prudence is strong. Being a Weird Sister is all she has. Whereas Agatha and Prudence are evil and knowing, Dorcas seems to have a conscience. While her sisters delight in tormenting Sabrina, Dorcas seems to be simply following along. During the confrontation in the mines between Sabrina, the Weird Sisters, and the jocks that were bullying Susie, we see another sign of the softer side of Dorcas. She doesn’t take the same joy in terrorizing the boys. She also doesn’t want to kill Tommy.

9. Agatha

Agatha is by far the evilest of the Weird Sisters. Her cold, selfish, heart sets her apart from the rest of her clique. Like the other Weird Sisters, Agatha is an orphan. She grew up in the Church of Night. She spent some time in Europe modeling. Maybe her career is part of her haughty attitude. She looks down on Sabrina for being a “half-blood”. She’s still a student at The Academy Of Unseen Arts so her full potential hasn’t been reached. Her obsession with herself will hold her back from seeing the larger picture.

8. Prudence

The beautiful and elegant Prudence is the leader of the Weird Sisters. She’s charismatic and charming. Like her two cohorts, she also grew up in the Church of Night. Father Blackwood took Prudence under his wing. He raised her as his own. Unbeknownst to her, she is. She’s the illegitimate child of the dark priest and a former lover. Prudence’s mother tragically took her own life when Blackwood refused to marry her. Prudence is powerful, even though she’s still just a student. Much like her sister Agatha, she has an obsession that will hold her back from reaching her full potential. She’s consumed with her grudge against Sabrina. This leaves little bandwidth to develop herself and her talents. Agatha may be more evil and selfish than Prudence but Prudence is far more proactive.

7. Nicholas Scratch


Nickolas Scratch is a man torn between two worlds. His loyalty to the dark lord is above reproach but he still longs for things he feels he can never have. He’s envious of Sabrina’s relationship with Harvey. He speaks of their love like he longs to give himself to someone entirely. He’s had plenty of relationships, including dating all three Weird Sisters at the same time. Scratch expressed interest in Sabrina. He didn’t mind that she was with Harvey. He’s not exactly an old-fashioned guy.

6. Ambrose Spellman

Sabrina Spellman’s cousin is a wiley character. Don’t let his youthful appearance fool you, he’s an elder warlock. Due to a binding spell, he’s been trapped in the Spellman mortuary for 75 years. His age and experience make him formidable. Being trapped in a single location limits this powerful warlock. His imprisonment is punishment for crimes committed with fellow followers of Aleister Crowley. Spellman was the only witch arrested. He refused to turn in the others. He’s fiercely loyal.

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5. Zelda

Sabrina’s aunt Zelda is the sterner of the Spellman sisters. A proud sometimes haughty witch, she is loyal but not afraid to break the rules. Not one to get along much with others she often abuses and kills her sister Hilda. She does have a loving heart deep inside her cold exterior. She fiercely backs her loved ones even if she claims to have never known true affection. When Sabrina’s name was entered into the book of the beast at three days old Zelda was there. Her family clearly means quite a lot to her. She is an incredibly powerful witch with the ability to control the weather. She is definitely someone you want on your side even if her demeanor leaves you wondering if she really is a friend.

4. Hilda


Hilda is the sweeter of Sabrina’s aunts. She’s warm and nurturing. Beyond her charming side is a ruthless will to defend and avenge her loved ones. If you get on this Spellman’s bad side there is little she won’t do to get revenge. Her loving side is a great asset. It’s easy for her to win others over and gain their trust. The ability to bend others to your will increases your power. Hilda’s social skills mean she could create a powerful network of allies to aid her.

3. Father Blackwood


Faustus Blackwood is one of the most powerful warlocks in Greendale. He’s the high priest of the Church of Night. He was once a teacher and mentor to Edward Spellman, Sabrina’s father. The student surpassed his instructor and took on the highest position in Satan’s clergy. After Edward died Blackwood took over his role. He proved to be much more old-fashioned and barbaric than his predecessor. Blackwood attempted to restore the Church of Night to what he considered its glory days. He reinstated the Feast Of Feasts and many other practices considered too old-fashioned by Edward. His rank and status make him an extremely formidable foe to any who cross his path.

2. Sabrina

Sabrina’s kind nature and strong morals may lead you to think that she’s not as powerful as the other witches of Greendale. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Sabrina is half mortal. A child of two worlds. Far from holding her back, her heritage seems to have enhanced her power. Madam Satan herself noted that Sabrina could grow to be the most powerful witch of her generation. Sabrina has the ability to summon hellfire. Only three witches had performed the feat before her. Her kindness and friendly nature add to her resume of powerful skills. While many of the witches around her will only find success in the witching world, Sabrina has the skills to thrive in the mortal realm as well.

1. Madam Satan

Madam Satan is as ancient and powerful as any witch can be. She began her life before the fall of man. Madam Satan was Adam's first wife Lilith. She then devoted her life to Satan. She’s sensual, alluring, and charming. It’s easy for her to manipulate others to her side. Madam Satan is on a mission to corrupt Sabrina to their dark lord’s will. She uses her position as a teacher to subtly convey her messages to Sabrina. She’s capable of feats few others are. Madam Satan is a shapeshifter. She’s capable of manipulating fire, levitation as well as moving objects remotely.

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