Ranked: Every Death In The Twilight Saga

Now couldn’t be a better time to talk about Twilight since Game of Thrones just ended. The two franchises literally have nothing to do with one another. It’s just mandatory to mention Game of Thrones for at least the next two months in order to stay relevant. Actually, one legitimate comparison that can be drawn between the two franchises is that a lot of characters die.

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So many people die in Twilight that it can be hard keeping track of every single death. Oh, and also before we forget... Robert Pattinson might just be the next Batman. That was just another statement in order to keep things relevant. Anyway, check out the list to see every death in the Twilight Saga! 

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Riley Biers Twilight
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20 Riley Biers

Riley Biers Twilight

The scene where Riley rises from the depths of the ocean is pretty iconic for anyone who was sixteen at the time Twilight: Eclipse came out. Who is this mysterious water hunk? we pondered. That scene actually raises a lot of questions. Are vampires amphibious? 

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Anyway, actor Xavier Samuels rules as Riley. Xavier Samuels…what a movie star name! Okay, enough digressions. Riley replaces James as Victoria’s boy toy. Unfortunately, Riley gets ripped apart by Seth during a battle on top of a mountain. Let's all walk through an ocean’s shore in remembrance of Riley. 

19 Laurent

Laurent is the only guy who can make unbuttoned shirts on-a-bare-chest look like an acceptable fashion statement. Like many other villains in the franchise, Laurent is one of Victoria’s followers.

He plays second fiddle to James in the first Twilight. However, New Moon shows Laurent becoming Victoria’s scout. Laurent searches for Bella in Forks, but ends up coming face to face with Jacob. A fight breaks out and Laurent ends up being werewolf food. 

18 Irina 

Irina has resting bloodsucker face. She’s snarling whenever someone looks at her.  It makes sense why she’s so upset. Laurent had been her beau until Jacob killed the guy. Irina wants to exact revenge against the Cullens due to the fact that they end up being friendly with werewolves.

In an attempt to get back at the Cullens, Irina tries to sellout Renesmee to the Volturi. However, the Volturi find out about the true intentions behind Irina’s actions. They ultimately burn her alive in front of a bunch of people. Thanks a lot, Renesmee, for actually being a good person and getting Irina killed because of it. 

17 Bree Tanner

Bree’s battle strategy is the stuff of legend. She simply hides behind trees while everyone else kills each other. Victoria transforms Bree into a vampire with the hope of using the girl against Edward.

However, Edward kills Victoria and spares Bree. The Volturi must decide what to do with Bree since she’s a newborn vampire. Unfortunately, the Volturi believe that Bree poses too much of a threat as a newborn.

16 Harry Clearwater 

It needs to be said upfront. Harry has a really weird death. Like, it’s nuts.  Most folks assume that Victoria kills Harry off-screen. It makes sense, right? The last anyone sees of Harry is when he’s struggling against Victoria’s grasp. But, nope! Harry dies of *drum roll please*…a heart attack?

According to The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, Harry goes into cardiac arrest after he witnesses his daughter, Leah, transform into a wolf. Strange considering Harry comes from an entire family of werewolves. Wouldn’t he have known Leah is a wolf or did his entire family keep him out of the werewolf loop? If that’s the case then that is seriously messed up. 

15 Vasilii 

Vasilii is the cutest pint-sized killer since Chucky. That’s why it’s unfortunate that he had to die. Vasilii is featured in one of Breaking Dawn Part One’s flashbacks.

He’s a three-year-old vampire that is unable to control his own urges and ultimately slaughters an entire village. We’re going to have to kind of side with the Volturi on this one. They had to execute the little guy. Vasilii was a loose cannon. 

14 Royce King II

Rosalie and Royce Twilgiht

Everyone knows something is up when a person has a name like Royce King II. One can’t be anything but a villain with that name. Flashbacks depict Royce as Rosalie’s fiancee back when she was still a human. Royce and his friends decide to violently conspire against Rosalie.

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However, she becomes a vampire and gets sweet revenge against her lover. We know that Game of Thrones and Twilight take place in different literary universes, but is it too far fetched to say that Rosalie deserves to sit on the Iron Throne? 

13 Sasha

It’s safe to assume that anytime Twilight features a flashback someone is going to die horribly. The events surrounding Sasha’s death take place centuries before the current Twilight timeline.

Sasha was responsible for transforming Vasilii into a vampire. Vasilii slaughters tons of people and The Volturi holds Sasha responsible for creating the little monster. The Volturi execute Sasha for her actions. 

12 John

No one ever mentions John’s last name. Is it Wayne or Travolta? John isn’t a good guy. He’s one of Royce’s friends that assault Rosalie. Fear not, Rosalie makes sure John pays for his crimes. 

11 Toshiro

Has anyone ever written any Toshiro fan fiction? If not someone should write it up! Our boy Toshiro merely has a cameo and ends up getting done way too dirty. Toshiro is a hobo vampire that wants to help Carlisle fight the Volturi. Aro finds out about Toshiro’s plans and kills him before he can reach Carlisle. 

10 Gianna

Gianna A.K.A Secretary #1 is employed by the Volturi. She’s a human under the delusion that she’ll become a vampire. Unfortunately, she ends up being a snack for the Volturi instead.

9 Valentina 

Remind us to never apply for the Volturi’s secretary position. Valentina replaces Gianna and meets the former secretary’s exact same fate. 

8 Bianca

Yup, that’s right. Another secretary. Bianca delivers a note to Aro that mentions Carlisle. However, she misspells Carlisle’s name. Bianca's poor grammar ends up costing the girl her life. Let this be a lesson to the students that don’t pay attention in their English classes.

7 The Third Wife 

We’re not going to bother talking about The First Wife or, heck, even The Second Wife. No, we’re about to dish about The Third Wife…whatever that means. 

The Third Wife is one of Jacob’s great-great ancestors. Her status is legendary due to the fact that she had sacrificed herself in order to protect her entire village against a pack of vampires. 

6 Waylon Forge 

For the uninitiated Twilight fans, Waylon is also known as Buttcrack Santa. We’re going to call him that from here on out. 

Buttcrack Santa is fixing his boat one day when Victoria and her posse show up all of a sudden. Poor Buttcrack Santa. He was just one of the townspeople in Forks that didn’t mean harm to anyone! Victoria and James end up eating Buttcrack Santa. 

5 All “The Monsters” Edward Kills

This is the flashback sequence where Edward dresses like Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins. When Edward first becomes a vampire he uses his supernatural abilities to go all, excuse the reference, Batman on society. Edward only preys on bad guys or "monsters" as he likes to call them. 

4 James

James in Twilight

Who can ever forget James the shoeless vampire? James is Victoria’s main squeeze in the first Twilight. He nearly kills Bella until Edward comes to the rescue. Edward and his whole family tear James limb from limb. 

3 Victoria 

Twilight Victoria

It’s so weird that Victoria switches her face in between New Moon and Eclipse. Victoria is pretty much the main antagonist of the series until Aro steps in. She’s an evil vampire that has no problem killing innocent people.

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There’s a big showdown between Edward and Victoria in Eclipse. Edward knocks down a few redwood trees until he finally pops Victoria’s head off of her body like a china doll. 

2 Bella 

Has anyone ever stopped to think about how wild the Twilight series can be? After Bella turns into a vampire she attacks a mountain lion and a rock climber in the exact same scene. Insane! 

Bella technically lives when she becomes a vampire. However, her actual death scene is one of the most memorable in the entire series. There’s no way it couldn’t have made the list. 

1 Everybody (But Not Really) 

It’s amazing that the entire Twilight Saga ends in a battle where every major character dies. Except, that doesn’t happen. Like, kinda-sorta. 

The fake out at the end of Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two easily ranks as one of the funniest in-theater experiences ever. No one can ever forget the mix of audible shock and awe from the audience. 

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