Ranked: All Of Eleven’s Outfits From Season 3

One of the most popular shows of the modern era is Stranger Things. And though the cast is filled with many loveable characters, one of the most beloved characters from this show is Eleven. Played by Millie Bobby Brown, she is strong, interesting, funny, kind, inspiring and also fashionable! 

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We all remember her iconic pink collared dress from the first season. And who could forget her all-black rocker look from the second season? But with the third season being centred around a mall, it only makes sense that El would be able to explore her individuality via fashion! Let's explore her journey through fashoin trends together!

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12 Hopper’s Plaid

As stated, Eleven did not always have plentiful options when it came to fashion. And honestly, fashion was not a top priority for her, since she was, well, saving the world and such.

That being said, she ended up in what seemed to be Hopper’s big, plaid, button-down shirts quite a bit. These were surely comfy and versatile, but thankfully, Max noticed that she needed a chance to be able to explore and express herself. Before all of that though, there was this look, which was not her best of the season. 

11 Plaid Over A Tee

Another time, she at least tried to shake things up a bit with this hand-me-down plaid situation by wearing it a different way; here, she paired her signature plaid shirt with white pants and a plain tee.

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This is, obviously, still not a look that expresses who El is, but it is nice that she did something unique with it, which shows that she has some potential in this department! But the best looks that were seen on this bright, brave and beautiful character are still to come…

10 Neon, Neon & More Neon

One cannot possibly rank Eleven's fashion journey without considering the photoshoot montage. After all, this sequence included several unique and bright outfits that highlighted many trends which were popular in the '80s.

The looks were all pretty much the same, with tons and tons of accessories piled on, and one moment showed Eleven in this bright gold top with maybe a bright purple boa around her neck. It was a fun time for these friends, yet not a super stylish time. 

9 A Striped Tee

There were some outfits that this character wore outside of the mall sequences that were (surprisingly) not plaid. This may have still been borrowed from Hopper, but it was at least something new and fresh, and it looked like what a kid may wear while playing with friends.

Eleven wore this dark tee, which has stripes and a pocket, while hanging out with the other main characters and while getting this fun talk, with her boyfriend, from Hopper. It does look like another cozy option, but it is clear that she can do better. 

8 White Dress + Yellow Belt

The mall offered up many options for the girls to try on, and for a brief moment, Eleven was in this dress. It is white, and it appears to have long paint-like lines all over it, for an artistic vibe and colorful pop. And we all know Eleven loves a bold print.

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Max even held up two shiny belts for Eleven to choose between: a red one and a yellow one. Eleven opts for the yellow belt which cinches in the dress around its midsection for a more flattering cut. The pop of colour does add something to the look. Overall, it was a cute look, but it doesn’t stand a chance to the top-ranking ones on this list!

7 Shiny Gold

Back at the photo studio, these shiny blouses were seen, with Eleven’s being in gold. The pop of colour is a nice touch but the large amount of heavy accessories are taking focus away from the shirt. Making the outfit rather cluttered and distracting.

Again, this was just a time when these two could cut loose and act like normal kiddos, which we highly appreciate. But this is a ranking that is all about fashion, and this top just does not click for us.

6 Suspenders + A Hat

For some reason, Eleven really seemed to gravitate towards suspenders, as there were a few looks that featured them. At one point, she was in a teal-colored, button-down shirt that, again, had these paint-splattered lines.

On top of that, she opted for maroon suspenders that were thick and had stripes down them. And to finalize the ensemble, a mustard-color beret was thrown onto her head. This was a really exciting choice, and it was great to see this character getting to explore herself and the person that she wants to be via fashion.

5 Denim

Denim is classic, and it was a huge part of the ‘80s, so there was, of course, at least one outfit that featured this material. We had to feature a second moment from this glam shoot on our list!  The girls can be seen rocking all of the hottest accessory trends from the mid-to-late '80s.

Even denim jackets! And it is not just any denim jacket… It is bedazzled with shimmering rhinestones and studs on the collar, which add some sparkle and some edge to this crazy pic. 

4 Plaid Again, But Tied

After the mall trip with Max and after the drama that went down this season, there was the tear-jerking final moments, which showed Eleven and the Byers family moving away. With everything that happened, El went back to plaid, and there are two notes on this outfit.

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First of all, this shirt looks adorable on her, when tied up like that and when paired with this hairstyle. And secondly, it makes sense that she would want to wear what is probably Hopper’s clothing item, since… stuff happened (that we won’t spoil for anyone who still hasn’t watched this yet!).

3 A Yellow Print

There were so many prints this season, and two fabulous ones are seen here, on Eleven and Hopper! But this article is just about her, so let’s focus on these pieces… The shirt appears to have a collar and buttons, which she is used to wearing with Hopper’s clothes.

This time, though, the top is covered in this funky print and comes in a bright yellow, making it super fun. Oh, and of course, there are also some more suspenders! However, these criss-cross over her chest, making an “x” in the front instead of the back, which is neat. 

2 This Graphic Dress

It is time for the top two outfits that El wore this season, and it was hard to decide between these looks. For the number-two spot, there is this graphic dress, which may have been Eleven’s favorite choice, as well, since she wore it out of the mall.

The length, the wrap, the colors, the designs… Everything about this is awesome, and it tells a lot about this character; for better or for worse, she has powers and has to go up against bad guys, but without all of that, she is just a normal girl who likes to rock a bold print. 

1 Paint Splatters + A Scrunchie

This is probably the most notable outfit that Eleven wore this season, and there is so much to love about it. First, there is the base layer: a black shirt (again, with a collar and buttons!) that is covered in neon paint splatters, which were all the rage in the '80s.

Next, she went with suspenders again. Though this time opting for a blue pair, helping them to blend well with the overall ensemble. And like a cherry on top, she has a scrunchie, which was a staple accessory of the time and which has recently made a comeback as a go-to staple in modern trends!

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