Ranked: The Best Castles Belonging To Disney Princesses

You know the old saying: a Disney princess's home is her castle.

Disney movies are full of lovable characters, supportive sidekicks, memorable songs and stories that make fans of all ages laugh, cry, grow and love. Of course, some of the most popular films from this brand are about princesses, and royal leading ladies have inspired and entertained us for decades.

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We know their songs, stories, friends and outfits well… but what about their homes? Do we remember them? Do we have a favorite? Let's take a look at some of the best!

10 Merida’s Castle

Merida’s abode is Castle DunBroch in the Highlands of Scotland. It has a simple yet strong design, as Scottish castles were built more for strength than appearances (the latter seems to have been more of a priority for other princess' castles). In Brave, people get to see this royal family eating in the Great Hall, admiring tapestries in the Tapestry Room and taking lessons in different classrooms.

There is also the Trophy Room, home to Fergus' stuffed animals, and outdoor areas such as the stables, garden, and pens. The Game of Thrones vibe given off of this castle makes it one of the best!

9 Rapunzel’s Castle

Rapunzel is from Corona, an island kingdom. Geography itself makes this castle a top one since it has the sea, forests, and mountains around it and a complex tunnel system under it. Couple this with the fact that it's perched up on the island, far above everything else, and it's a fascinating and beautiful place all around.

Next, just look at the architecture of this building: those classic turrets, those unusual bulbs, and spheres... these different styles blend together to make one awesome home. Oh, and remember what it looks like underneath all those glowing paper lanterns? Yes, this is a fab castle!

8 Mulan’s Castle

Mulan is from The Imperial City, which can be reached by (according to the film) traveling through a small mountain range called the Tung Shao Pa. Mulan's home has that classic Asian design, and in this particular image, it just looks so super cool!

All the shining lights, fireworks, and strung lights just highlight how massive and majestic this place is. Just as Mulan is the perfect combination of beauty and strength, this building is a nice blend of inviting and powerful. An ideal home for Mulan and her family.

7 Snow White’s Castle

Snow White grew up in a castle, briefly lived in a cottage with seven dwarfs, and then she went back to the castle life. Hers could be described as traditional, as it is tall and white. What is really great about this building, though, is its location.

High up on this hillside, it overlooks a village, reaches up into the sky and is nestled up against the water. This idyllic location makes Snow White’s castle even more appealing. Plus, the inside is surely just as impressive, full of glamorous rooms and luxurious spaces.

6 Jasmine’s Castle

Next up is Jasmine’s castle! The Sultan's Palace is loosely based on the Taj Mahal in India, so it is another unique one. A lot of Disney castles look the same, with turrets and spikes, but this one is rounded and covered in gold.

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Its exotic design makes it super interesting, and it has some really great rooms; for instance, Jasmine hopped on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet by stepping out onto that big and bold balcony, and she was also seen in a garden with a fountain. This wonderful and unique building definitely deserves to make the list.

5 Elsa’s Castle

While Anna and Elsa both grew up in a magnificent place, this entry is devoted to Elsa’s ice castle. As everyone knows, Elsa can create ice with her hands, which is good when fighting off not-so-nice guys, when throwing together an ice rink and when creating one of the coolest Disney castles of all time.

Ice is a clear, sparkly material, so having an entire building made out of it makes everything glitter. From the traditional turrets and the sleek finish to the chandeliers and grand staircase inside, Elsa’s ice palace is a fan favorite.

4 Belle’s Castle

Belle’s story with the Beast is one of the most iconic Disney has ever told, and the castle from Beauty and the Beast is, too. In fact, this is probably the castle that people know the best, since the movie takes viewers inside of it, giving a tour of many rooms.

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All castles are grand, but this one had a mysterious vibe that made it even more awe-inspiring. Along the same lines, a curse was lingering for most of the film, meaning that inanimate objects danced and sang; while it is great that they all became human again, they did add a nice touch. Regardless, this castle is another gorgeous one!

3 Ariel’s Castle

While Eric's own castle was nice enough, the focus here is Atlantica. This castle definitely deserves to be in the top three, since it is so magical and unique. It's the only one that's underwater, and boasts fascinating curves and lights that make it seem otherworldly.

Oh, and it's full of mermaids, which makes it even more special! Again, Prince Eric’s is a contender, but it's just a little too conventional for some tastes. In contrast, the castle that Ariel grew up in is just breath-taking!

2 Aurora’s Castle

At the beginning of Sleeping Beauty, while people of the kingdom are giving gifts for Princess Aurora, Maleficent puts a curse on the baby. As those who are familiar with the story know, Aurora then has to go off into hiding, being raised by the three fairies.

Eventually, though, she ends up with Prince Phillip, and they lived happily ever after. Sleeping Beauty’s castle is a Disney icon, serving as inspiration for the logo for Walt Disney Pictures and Disney Music Group (among others). It can also be seen in the center of Disneyland, a stunning landmark with its colorful points.

1 Cinderella’s Castle

Of course, Cinderella’s castle belongs in the top spot. This building is an icon at Walt Disney World, at Tokyo Disneyland and at Walt Disney parks and resorts in general, sharing its famous status with Aurora's castle. 

Cinderella's famous love story played out there: she attended a ball at the castle and danced with the prince. Much later, her true love found her again, and their wedding took place in this royal setting! This is definitely the kind of place that comes to mind when picturing a Disney castle, with its tall white structures and pointy turrets - It is just so pretty!

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