Ranked: The Best Pets In Disney Movies

There are a couple of key things you can always count on in a Disney movie. There will be lovable characters, for one. They always have memorable songs in them. There is a heartwarming story that teaches everyone a lesson. Most importantly, there are sidekicks and furry friends that provide support and comedic relief!

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Well, today, we're going to be ranking these pets. It'll be hard, but some of the most important factors will be their cuteness, how helpful they are, what strengths they offer up and how popular they are with fans. Without further ado, here it is: the official ranking of some of the greatest Disney animals!

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10 Meeko & Flit - Pocahontas

Meeko and Flit, the first pets on this list, are from Pocahontas. Meeko is a raccoon with quite a pessimistic attitude, while Flit is a happy and energetic hummingbird. These two definitely don’t always get along, due to their differing personalities, but they help balance each other out.

More importantly, they help Pocahontas! Whether she is out enjoying nature, falling in love or figuring out life, they are there by her side, providing constant companionship and comedic scenes. Plus, they may be the only raccoon-and-bird duo out there, which makes them quite unique.

9 Pascal - Tangled

Pascal is Rapunzel’s chameleon from Tangled. He is another very original animal, so that helped him earn a spot on this list. What is extra cool about this pet is how he gets his thoughts and feelings across: he can’t talk, but he can change colors, so when he is mad or happy, people will know for sure!

Since he was one of Rapunzel's only friends while she was locked away in her tower, Pascal became very protective of her. That being said, Pascal is one of the most loyal and caring animal sidekicks within this universe.

8 Dinah - Alice in Wonderland

Dinah is a cat seen in Alice in Wonderland. She seems like a normal little kitty: one who enjoys sleeping, who sometimes shows interest in what her owner is saying and who is always up for adventures outside (especially those involving stories and daydreams).

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Dinah is not a main character in this film, as Alice ends up in Wonderland and Dinah is rarely seen. Whenever she is on camera, though, she steals the spotlight. Just look at those eyes! Many fans would love to lie in the flowers or climb a tree with this furry friend.

7 Dug - Up

Dug is the dog from Up, and he belongs here as well! Since he has a special collar that allows him to talk to people, his personality came across in a big way. See, dogs are already feisty and friendly creatures, but Carl and Russell could hear Dug saying when he was sad, distracted, ready to serve and so on, which makes him even more endearing.

Yes, with his goofy lines and his big heart, this pet is a fan favorite. Anyone out there would be lucky to have a best friend like this one.

6 Pongo & Perdita - 101 Dalmatians

Pongo and Perdy are the parents in 101 Dalmatians, and they are top pets for a couple of reasons. First, at the beginning of their flick, they are seen being great pals to their respective owners; they know their routines and personalities… and they know that their two humans belong together!

Therefore, they literally bring Anita and Roger closer together, and just like that, a family is formed. That brings up the next point that puts these dogs on this list: These two gave the world 101 puppies, each with distinct traits and quirks. They are all adorable, and they all belong to this couple.

5 Duchess & Her Kittens - Aristocats

Another great furry family belongs to Duchess in The Aristocats. She is a proper and pristine mother with three amazing kittens: Toulouse, who wants to be an alley cat, Berlioz the gifted piano player and Marie, the sister who thinks she is better than the rest.

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These characters go through some real struggles, but they make it back to their owner and make everyone wish they had cats with this much personality. Yes, Duchess and co. are some of the most memorable Disney pets for sure!

4 Nana - Peter Pan

Nana is the dog from Peter Pan, and just as her name suggests, she helps take care of the children in this film: Wendy, Michael and John. From carrying trays on her head to picking up toys, this dog is like no other!

That being said, when George, the father, put Nana outside for the night… man, that was not okay. It was not like throwing a normal dog out - Nana is more than that! She is deservedly high on this list of Disney pets, because this sweetie truly cares and does all she can to help this family.

3 Figaro & Cleo

Figaro and Cleo are pets found in Pinocchio. Figaro is a cat that can be a little judgmental (like most felines), while Cleo is a goldfish who likes to show off for people. They live in a small home with Gepetto, Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket, and they seem to have a nice life.

Music, laughter and goodness fill this place, and even though these two differing animals can sometimes pick on each other, there is real affection between them. They love each other and those around them, making them both very special animals that generations of fans have come to know and enjoy.

2 Jaq & Gus - Cinderella

Another duo is Jaq and Gus, mice from Cinderella. Now, like a true Disney princess, Cinderella is surrounded by animals. There is a dog named Bruno, a not-so-nice cat named Lucifer, a horse and lots of birds and other mice. Jaq and Gus are stars, though.

They are leaders of the pack. They help orchestrate all the good deeds that these animals do for Cinderella. Plus, they are friends themselves, as Jaq’s bold traits seem to work well with Gus’ somewhat awkward ones. Since they risked their lives and always stayed loyal, they are some really great furry friends.

1 Flounder - The Little Mermaid

Flounder is from The Little Mermaid, and he is taking the top spot on this list! This fish is actually somewhat of a coward, but he met Ariel, one of the boldest Disney princesses, and he was inspired.

She helped him face his fears, and they took on some huge trials together. He was there by her side through everything, from arguing with her father and losing her voice to meeting Eric and deciding to become part of that world. This cute little fish is always present, active and supportive, like a good Disney sidekick should be.

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