Ranking The 10 Best Fight Scenes From The DCEU

The DCEU has left a lot to be desired, there's no denying that. Some criticisms of the films have been warranted. Some seem unnecessary.

Among the items that have been hit or miss are the DCEU's fight scenes (like anything that includes Steppenwolf's brutal CGI). Some have certainly been underwhelming. Even some of the DCEU's better scenes have been disappointments because of one flaw that's so important. But everyone so often Warner Brothers got it right. So it only makes sense to establish those that stand out among the rest and Rank the 10 best fight scenes from the DCEU.

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10 Suicide Squad: Midway City Office Building

Suicide Squad had a lot of downs. The extended cut is a little bit better, but there's still a lot to be desired. One of the major issues was the action. It was slim pickings. The one fight scene they got right was in the office building at Midway City.

Everyone's moving quickly and can't afford a mistake. Then you get the cool moment where everyone huddles around Col. Rick Flag to keep him safe - for their own selfish reasons, of course.

But the real highlights were Deadshot getting El Diablo to let loose and, more importantly, Harley Quinn laying the wood to one of Enchantress' mindless monsters on the elevator. Who knew Margot Robbie had those kinds of moves?

9 Man of Steel: Superman V. Zod

This is a solid example of a good fight that had one flaw.

Superman and General Zod go to town on one another at the end of Man of Steel. Zod is filled with so much hate for Kal-El, and understandably so. Zod may be insane, but understanding his logic - though, again, incorrect - it makes sense that he'd hate Superman. And he does everything he can to destroy Superman's world in the process of this blowout.


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These two are throwing haymakers and bringing down buildings, but the fight ends with Superman snapping Zod's neck. How did anyone think that was an appropriate ending? What's that do? Signify just how much stronger Superman was than Zod? That's probably not the best point in the fight to do that.

The ending is beyond frustrating to an otherwise awesome fight.

8 Aquaman: Queen Atlanna V. Atlantean Soldiers

Aquaman Atlanna and Atlantis Soldiers

Just as everyone expected, Nicole Kidman wound up with one of the best action scenes in the DCEU. Not sure what that says about everyone else, but here we are.

In all actuality, Queen Atlanna's fight scene in the lighthouse quickly lets everyone know Aquaman didn't just get his good looks from his mother. Atlanna carves through these Atlantean soldiers as if she's playing Injustice 2 easy. Her moves look even better with the revolving camera and ever-changing angles.

7 Wonder Woman: Amazons V. Germans

No one else is brave enough to say it, but let's set the record straight now. There wasn't enough Antiope in Wonder Woman.

After helping raise Diana from childhood, Antiope literally takes a bullet for Wonder Woman, knowing full well the Amazonian is the God Killer. But Antiope did not go down quietly. On-screen we see her kill six German soldiers and knock out two others in about a minute and a half. She has bow skills that rival Legolas from Lord of The Rings.

Though it's hard to tell which moment was better, her "shield" jump to shoot three soldiers at once or Hippolyta's dismount from her horse.

6 Batman v Superman: Batman v. Superman

Much like Superman's fight with Zod, Batman and Superman's knock-down drag-out fight and Batman v. Superman was awesome until the very end. But even Martha can't completely ruin what was an otherwise intense battle.

Batman gets his crack at the man he's been waiting to take down all movie and Superman is surprisingly challenged, and defeated, by a mere mortal. That is, a mere mortal with a decent amount of Kryptonite.

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But every second Superman isn't trying to cleanse the Kryptonite from his lungs, he's kicking the tar out of Batman. Nothing life-threatening thanks to Batman's suit, but Superman definitely went hard enough to leave Bruce Wayne with a few bruises the next day.

5 Aquaman: Aquaman's First Encounter With Black Manta

This scene was far more than Black Manta's motivation to hate and hunt down Aquaman, although that was the greatest impact from this scene.

For the sake of this conversation, all that matters is Arthur Curry rolls through Manta's cohorts like an oversized kid playing Pee Wee football. Aquaman's punches are like shots out of a cannon. He tosses guys around like they're not around a bunch of sensitive technology and chucks the submarine's hatch like it's a three-ounce frisbee.

This is all ignoring Aquaman's less flashy, though sick, move where he rushes through a doorway with a guy draped over his shoulders, smashing him into the door frame in the process.

4 Batman v Superman: The Trinity v. Doomsday

DC's Trinity in Batman v Superman

Yet another fight that's knocked down a peg or two because of a flaw, though this is slightly less severe than Superman v. Zod and Batman v. Superman. The problem with the Trinity's fight with Doomsday was it wasn't really the Trinity, it was just Wonder Woman and Superman.

Batman may be just a man, but that's never stopped him all throughout the character's history. Why is it a problem now?

Still, Wonder Woman makes her first appearance in a big way, coupled with her awesome theme music. Then you've got Superman flying in from Space like a bat out of Hell. And that's just the start. Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice while Wonder Woman does everything Batman can't, while does everything he can to avoid getting killed by Doomsday.

3 Man Of Steel: Battle Of Smallville

Faora-Ul in Man of Steel

Faora was such an underrated character in Man of Steel. She is so quick, cocky and precise with each move she makes in her fight with Superman. (That pretty much sums up how she talks, too.)


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Above all else, she's ruthless, giving Clark Kent a tough time in his home town of Smallville.

And what's a DCEU fight without the combatants destroying a city or town without hesitation or remorse?

2 Wonder Woman: The Village of Veld

After turning No Man's Land into child's play, Wonder Woman liberates the people of Veld from the militant overtaking. She had some assistance from Steve Trevor and company, but she did all the heavy lifting

Take your pick for best moment in this one, too. You can pick any one of her number of sliding attacks. There's the time she knees a guy in the stomach while jumping out the window. How about the jump up to the sniper tower? She flipped a big jeep, too, no big deal though.

This isn't just her best fight scene, it may have been the best part of the entire movie.

1 Justice League: Superman v. The Justice League

There is no greater display of strength in the DCEU than Superman turning the rest of the Justice League into putty. He takes on Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Cyborg, all while keeping a watchful eye on the Flash.

Superman is and always will be an unstoppable force. Again, this is without question the best showing of his power in the DCEU, as impressive as his fight with Doomsday was and his ability to turn Steppenwolf into a newborn infant was nothing to scoff at. In fact, this ranks among Kal-El's greatest moments on the big screen to date.

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