All Of The Angels From Lucifer, Ranked

Part of what makes the show Lucifer so interesting is the diverse cast of characters. Not only is there a wide range of human personalities, but there are also angels, demons, and Nephilim as well. This range of species opens up new realms of possibility within the story. Much like humans, not all angels are created equal. Each has unique traits and tendencies that form individual personalities. Obtuse Amenadiel is, in many ways, his aloof and charming brother's opposite. The angel of death is surprisingly sentimental. Uriel is cutthroat and single-minded. Which Angel comes out on top? Check out this list ranked from worst to best to find out.

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5 Uriel

The family drama deepened when Uriel showed up. Played by Michael Imperioli, this angel has a bit of a mean streak. He came down from heaven explicitly to kill his mother. If matricide isn't enough to seal his spot in the last place on this list, he also threatened the detective. He knew he could exploit Lucifer's feelings for Chloe to control him. What kind of a brother could use a broken heart like that? This placed Lucifer in an impossible position; lose Chloe or turn his mother over to Uriel. His love for the detective would make it impossible for him to stand idly by while she was harmed.

He could never willingly hand her over like that. Despite family tensions and resentment toward his parents, Lucifer still cares for his mother. He doesn't want to see her destroyed any more than he could bear to lose Chloe. Uriel's cruelty if harsh, even for a show about torture. In the end, Lucifer decides he must kill his brother to protect both women. He kills his own brother to save their mother and the woman he loves. Lucifer is wracked with guilt over Uriel's death. In hell, Lucifer relives the moment he stabbed him over and over as his own personal torment. It's clear Lucifer is morally superior to his late brother Uriel. He would never have tortured someone unjustly.

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4 Remiel

Amenadiel's sister is even more awkward than her brother. She makes no effort to hide her wings or blend in with humans. She carries a large spear and wears her garb in public unaware of the attention she draws to herself. Remiel is able to sense celestial beings. Her ability allows her to sense a new celestial being on earth. There's only one explanation; one of her brothers is about to father a child. Remiel is a pious angel with a strict moral code. She looks down on Lucifer's promiscuous ways and assumes he's the father. She comes down to earth to confront her brother and look down her nose at him. As you can imagine, this serious sister looks up to Amenadiel. To her, he can do no wrong. Her heart is broken when she learns the truth. It's Amenadiel's unborn child she can sense and track. Remiel is a serious stick in the mud. She wants to take Amenadiel's unborn child back to the silver city regardless of his father's wishes.

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3 Azreal

Azreal is the angel of death. She's a powerful member of Lucifer's celestial family. It's her blade that Lucifer uses to kill Uriel. Any other weapon would have failed to do the job. She may be the angel of death, but don't let that fool you—Azreal has a soft side. She befriended 8-year-old Ella Lopez after a terrible car accident.  To ensure her young friend isn't scared away by her identity, Azreal presents herself as a human spirit. As a ghost, Azreal becomes her best friend. Over the years, she carefully influences Ella to move to LA. She knows that Ella's family is less than perfect. She wants to see her get away from them and start fresh but not without support. Azreal wants nothing more than to bring her favorite human being and her brother close. She can't be there to take care of them, but they could be there for each other. It's this sweet streak that makes her almost as beloved as Lucifer or Amenadiel. It's her selfless love of those around her that endear her to viewers. Who says death can't be compassionate?

2 Amenadiel

Lucifer's older brother Amenadiel provides a large amount of the comedic relief on the show. Every comedy ensemble needs at least one straight man, and Amenadiel is one of the best. His deadpan delivery makes him one of the funniest characters. He came to earth to convince his younger brother to return to hell. He slowly discovers a more human side of himself and gets closer to his brother as the show progresses. Amenadiel's relationship with Dr. Martin adds depth to both characters. The couple produces a Nephilim son named Charlie. Amenadiel eventually embraces a home on earth with his child and the doctor which softens him. He's one of the most approachable angels on the show. His feelings of inadequacy, when compared to his brother, are a very human response. His joy when he realizes that he's God's favorite son is endearing too. Amenadiel may be a celestial but he's also a man and a good one at that.

1 Lucifer

It may seem too obvious to rank the titular character first, but Lucifer has earned his spot on this list. Lucifer immediately found his rhythm among humans. He's charming, personable and playful. Lucifer's open mind and celebration of free will are two of his most admirable traits. He reserves judgment until he sees a person's character for himself. Lucifer is also fair and generous. He's willing to give a fair bargain in exchange for his favors. The fallen angel is also honest to a fault. He's also handsome, loyal and dedicated. All of those admirable qualities make him a useful man to know. There are few characters on the show who can stack up to Lucifer's endearing charms.

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