Dwayne Johnson's Rampage Trailer Coming Tomorrow, First Poster Debuts

Warner Bros' unveils the first poster for Dwayne Johnson's video game based film Rampage, confirming the first trailer debuts tomorrow.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Rampage

The first poster for Dwayne Johnson's video game based movie Rampage is here, just before the first trailer arrives. The Rock is set to be the latest star to try to break the apparent curse of video games being translated to the big screen, and the curtain of secrecy is finally starting to be removed. Based on the popular 1980s arcade game that was later translated to consoles, Rampage will pit arguably Hollywood's biggest star - The Rock - against his biggest threat so far.

After combatting earthquakes, beach thieves, and Vin Diesel, Johnson's latest test comes in the form of giant monsters, one with which he shared a special connection. In Rampage, Johnson plays Davis Okoye - an animal lover who has raised a silverback gorilla named George from birth.

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George and Johnson's Okoye are the stars of the first poster for Rampage, as confirmed by Warner Bros. The poster gives the first look at the scale of Rampage's giant animals, as George now towers over The Rock, making the tagline "Big meets bigger" even more fitting. Not only that, but both George and Okoye look like they've seen better days. Along with the following poster, the studio also confirmed the first trailer for Rampage will debut online at 5pm EST/2 pm PST.

This poster is a fine start to the marketing campaign, but the impending trailer should be more telling. With Johnson starring and huge, city destroying, genetically modified animals at the center, it should be expected that the trailer will have a great deal of action. The video game Rampage is based on does, after all, feature plenty of destruction, but what will also be telling is how much of the attention goes to Johnson and his star power to sell the movie or if Warner Bros. pushes the spectacle.

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Johnson and big animal fights may be the biggest points of interest for Rampage, so the trailer shouldn't be expected to offer an in-depth look at the video game movie. Brad Peyton directed the film, marking his third time working with Johnson - and second in a row that could be classified as a disaster film after San Andreas. Meanwhile, Johnson will be surrounded by a cast that includes Naomie Harris, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, Jack Quaid, Matt Gerald, Jake Lacy, Marley Shelton, and more. With a packed cast and two more giant animals yet to be shown, maybe the trailer will pack some surprises.

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Source: Warner Bros.

Key Release Dates
  • Rampage (2018) release date: Apr 13, 2018
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