Does Rampage Have An End-Credits Scene?

Dwayne Johnson in Rampage

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson may have just broken the video game movie curse with Rampage, but does he add a post-credits scene to the mix to tease a likely sequel? Rampage is the latest of a recent glut of video game movies - already this year we've had Tomb Raider and the VR-inspired Ready Player One (incidentally, all three have been released by Warner Bros.) - and going by the box office projections is set to be the biggest of the lot.

Based on the 1980s arcade game of the same name, there wasn't much story for The Rock to play with, and what set up Midway did include has been stripped away; instead of humans being turned into giant creatures, this has real animals enlarged by genetic meddling. That's not to say it isn't full of references to the game, with Rampage really trying to be something for everyone. Does that extend through to the credits?

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If you're feeling as restless as a giant gorilla after Johnson's saved the day, rest assured you don't have to wait around: Rampage does not have an end-credits scene. That said, as always it's recommendable to stick around through the credits to hear the impressive soundtrack, as well as the snazzy title design.

That there isn't an end-credits scene for Rampage is - as it was with Ready Player One - rather surprising. As the film is likely the start of the franchise, it would have been the perfect opportunity to tease a sequel (the only real groundwork laid is a very lucky rat), and even if there are no clear narrative plans, one final joke - perhaps between standouts Jeffery Dean Morgan and albino gorilla George - would have been appreciated. Of course, this isn't a superhero movie, so shouldn't be expected.

What can be expected is Rampage 2. The film is currently tracking for a $40 opening weekend domestically, which given the propensity for Johnson films to have strong box office legs suggests he's got another hit on his hands. The only spanner in the works is Avengers: Infinity War, which releases in just two weeks (and is sure to have at least one post-credits scene).

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