Dwayne Johnson's Rampage Movie Casts Naomie Harris

Naomie Harris as Moneypenny in Skyfall

Dwayne Johnson had a lot of fun surviving earthquakes, tidal waves and other various forms of mayhem as the heroic helicopter pilot in the 2015 disaster movie San Andreas. Johnson will be returning to the large-scale disaster genre in 2018 with Rampage, an adaptation of the entertainingly mindless '80s arcade game that lets players play as giant monsters destroying buildings. The movie will even reunite Johnson with San Andreas director Brad Peyton.

In the movie version of Rampage, Johnson will be trying to stop the giant monsters from tearing up cities, and now he will have help from an Oscar-nominated actress. Though this actress is now receiving critical acclaim for appearing in prestigious movies, she is herself not unfamiliar with the world of big-budget special-effects-driven cinema, having played a big part in the Pirates of the Caribbean series.

THR says that newly-Oscar-nominated Moonlight star Naomie Harris has signed on to help Johnson battle over-sized monsters in Rampage. New Line is being very secretive about plot details, but we do know that the movie will feature a trio of mutant city-destroying creatures: a gorilla, crocodile and wolf. Johnson's character is an "animal-lover" who of course is the only hope for planet Earth. Harris' character is described as "a geneticist with a moral streak."

Rampage video game movie gets release date

Harris is an actress who is very familiar to fans of big-budget movies after her memorable turn as the wicked Tia Dalma in two Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Harris also played Moneypenny in the James Bond films Spectre and Skyfall, and played Selena in the zombie film 28 Days Later. Last year, Harris appeared in New Line's Christmas release, Collateral Beauty.

Though her appearance in Rampage is unlikely to challenge her the same way her role in Moonlight did, Harris will no doubt find ways to make her character interesting and entertaining. Her performance as Tia Dalma is one of the most memorable things about the second and third Pirates movies, so clearly she knows how to make her presence felt amid tons of action and special effects; a skill that will come in handy as she helps Dwayne Johnson take on giant mutant animals in Rampage.

Johnson of course will be the main attraction in Rampage, just as he was in San Andreas. Johnson's female co-stars tend to take a backseat to him in these big action movies, but Harris is such a strong actor that she is certain to make an impression even if she doesn't get to do as many action-hero things as her co-star. Rampage is set to go before cameras starting in summer 2017 and a release date has been set for April 2018. In the meantime, you can still check out Naomie Harris' Oscar-nominated performance in Moonlight in theaters. Dwayne Johnson can be seen in another animal-themed flick, Jumanji, near the end of this year.

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  • Rampage (2018) release date: Apr 13, 2018
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