Rampage Set Photo Teases the Aftermath of a Giant Monster Attack

Dwayne Johnson Rampage

The latest photo from the set of Rampage teases the aftermath of a giant monster attack in the Dwayne Johnson-led tentpole. Based loosely on the ‘80s arcade video game of the same name and set for release in 2018, Rampage is yet another big screen project that will bring The Rock's acting talents to theater-goers across the globe. Though in the game players were, for the first time, allowed the chance to become the monster causing destruction in an array of fictional cities, it looks as if the monsters may be the bad guys in the upcoming film, as the military do their best to bring them down.

With an all-star cast that also includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Naomie Harris (Moonlight) and Malin Akerman (Trophy Wife), the film reunites Johnson with director Brad Peyton (San Andreas). Focusing on Johnson’s character’s efforts to stop three monsters destroying his city, Rampage aims to be a shot of adrenalin for any action movie junkie.

Following on from the release of an image which saw Johnson posing with Harris and Morgan in front of a helicopter, the actor has once again taken to social media to tease the upcoming release. This time round he took to his Twitter, writing that there was a “problem”, because “the beasts survived”. You can check out said Rampage set photo below:

We have a problem. The beasts survived. #PartyInHell #Rampage 4-20-2018

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) June 14, 2017

Despite the chaos that has clearly gone on around Johnson in the picture, he looks in pretty good shape. In fact, aside from a bit of dirt on his clothes, he looks ready to take on the world. It’s not entirely clear what has been destroyed around him, but there is the chance that it was a carrier housing the ultra-sized beasts that are referenced. The setting is also a little odd; it looks like a crop field in the middle of nowhere. Could the monsters have been being transported via aircraft before fighting their way to freedom?

When it comes to video game adaptations, there’s always the huge chance that things could go wrong. Even last year's Assassin’s Creed movie – which featured Michael Fassbender in the leading role – didn’t fare well when it came time to be judged by the critics. Rampage is going to have to do something special to escape that curse.

And whilst Johnson may have always seemed like the man who could bring joy and excitement to any movie regardless of everything else that goes on around him, even he could not bring his most-recent Hollywood release Baywatch back from the brink of critical disgrace. Whatever the case may be, Johnson is clearly intent on bringing as much attention to Rampage as possible. Whether or not that will result in big box office numbers and happy reviewers however remains to be seen.

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