The Rock Impersonates Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Rampage Set

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Megastar Dwayne Johnson would never make it as an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator, as he clearly demonstrates in a new Instagram post from the set of his upcoming movie Rampage. Good thing Johnson has already established himself as one of the biggest action heroes in the world and doesn't need any extra income from channeling the prior biggest action hero in the world (who is still a pretty big action hero in the minds of many, though these days he seems intent on demonstrating his acting chops instead of shooting people).

In Rampage, Dwayne Johnson plays the leader of an anti-poaching unit protecting animals in Rwanda who springs into action when three of his animal friends - a gorilla, a wolf and an alligator - are injected with a serum that causes them to grow to enormous size, become very angry and begin tearing down cities. The movie is based on an '80s arcade game that is literally just giant monsters tearing down buildings, but it sounds like the script wants to make the monsters sympathetic while casting an evil corporation as the true villains.

On his Instagram video, Johnson shows what it's like to work on the set of a giant action movie like Rampage: and also unleashes possibly the worst Arnold Schwarzenegger impression of all-time. As an extra bonus, Johnson lets loose with an f-bomb, something he rarely gets to do in his movies.

Nailed it. Enjoy me completely butchering my best @schwarzenegger impersonation while rehearsing on set of #Rampage. When I was a kid Arnold was one of my heroes. And when I first started in Hollywood, he was one of the biggest stars on the planet and was so supportive and welcoming to me, when he didn't have to be. First time we had dinner he said, "You can take the brass ring to places it's never been before" in his iconic accent which clearly I suck at. 15 long hard working years later, here I am. Grateful. This one's for you brother. #YoBigDawg #OnSet #Rampage ??

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Johnson gets serious in the video's caption, talking about how his childhood hero Schwarzenegger embraced him when he was just a young actor starting out in the business. Fifteen years ago Schwarzenegger told Johnson "You can take the brass ring to places it's never been before," words that would prove to be prophetic as Johnson has gone on to massive global success (notwithstanding the odd dud like this year's critically reviled Baywatch).

It remains to be seen whether Rampage will help Johnson build on the action hero reputation he's established in recent years. The film sees him working again with Brad Peyton, the man who directed his 2015 blockbuster San Andreas, and by the looks of it he and Peyton aren't trying to shake up the disaster-movie formula they employed in the previous film. So far, Johnson has been able to plug himself into formulaic genre films and let his natural charisma and physical command do the rest, and there's no reason to think he can't be successful working inside the familiar scenario of huge, berserk monsters on a rampage of destruction. As San Andreas proved, Johnson is very good working against a backdrop of utterly absurd, over-the-top carnage.

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