Rambo: Last Blood's Plot Finally Revealed By International Trailer

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood

The plot of Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo: Last Blood is finally revealed by the movie’s international trailer. Released back in 1982, First Blood introduced the now-iconic character of John Rambo, a traumatized Vietnam vet pushed too far by a small town sheriff who calls on his special forces skills to wage a one-man war against those trying to hunt him down. After the film proved a success, Rambo returned for 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II, a genuine blockbuster with $150 million at the box office, and then again for 1988’s Rambo III.

But after Rambo III bombed with critics and proved less-than-successful at the box office, the character of John Rambo went on the shelf, not returning until 2008’s Rambo, which tapped into ‘80s nostalgia enough to gross $42 million at the box office. Now, Stallone is bringing the character back one more time for Rambo: Last Blood, which as the title suggests is set to be the final go-around. Early projections see Last Blood scoring with fans, with some estimates saying the film could enjoy the biggest opening ever for the long-lived franchise.

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Details about Rambo’s final adventure have been available for awhile thanks to the recently released trailer as well as behind-the-scenes teasers from Stallone himself, but a new international trailer gives away even more, basically outlining the movie’s plot. See the clip in the space below (via JoBlo Horror):

As the trailer reveals, Last Blood opens with Rambo finally living a life of peace as a cowboy with his new family, including his adopted daughter Gabriela. But, things take a turn when Gabriela (Yvette Monreal) discovers the whereabouts of her long-lost father and heads to Mexico to find him, and winds up being drugged and kidnapped by a cartel. Of course, Rambo is not one to take such a thing lying down, so he heads down to Mexico to go to war with the men who captured his daughter. It appears that Rambo loses his initial fight with the vicious cartel members though, as he suffers a major beatdown. But that only gives Rambo more motivation, and he again calls on his skills to prepare some weapons and nasty boobytraps in order to gain revenge on Gabriela's captors.

As the new trailer assures, Rambo: Last Blood will keep up the franchise’s tradition of positioning Rambo as an underdog fighting against impossible odds, and unleashing insane amounts of violence in order to defeat his enemies. But unlike 2008’s Rambo, which took things in a somewhat cartoonish direction, Last Blood looks like more of a grounded action film a la Logan. Of course, “grounded” is a relative term when it comes to Rambo, as the character has always been somewhat over-the-top, even back in 1982 when he was first introduced. It remains to be seen if Stallone will keep the promise of the Last Blood title and retire Rambo once and for all, but if this is indeed the character’s last go-around, it appears he’s set to go out with a bang.

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Source: JoBlo Horror

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