New Rambo: Last Blood Trailer Coming Next Week, Confirms Sly Stallone

A new trailer for Rambo: Last Blood is coming next week, Sylvester Stallone confirms. Stallone of course became a movie icon thanks to his performance as Rocky Balboa in 1976’s Oscar-winning classic Rocky, but he helped cement his reputation as an action movie legend when he took on the role of vengeful Vietnam vet John Rambo in 1982’s First Blood. Costing only $15 million to make, the film took in $47 million at the box office ($144 million adjusted for inflation) and proved that Stallone could carry a movie outside the Rocky universe.

The legend of John Rambo – and Stallone – later expanded with 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II, which saw the title character journeying back to Vietnam to rescue POWs left behind after the war. The ultra-violent R-rated film grossed $150 million ($381 million adjusted for inflation) and helped catapult Stallone into the top ranks of Hollywood’s bankable stars. Rambo III followed in 1988, but the film would prove a failure with only $53 million taken at the box office against a swelling budget of $63 million. Rambo then found himself on the shelf for many years until Stallone dusted off the character for 2008’s Rambo, which was only a modest success with $113 million at the global box office against a reported budget of $50 million.

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Given the title Rambo: Last Blood, it seems the intention is for the next Rambo film to be the last (though with Stallone, it's never good to assume anything is over). A first teaser trailer for Rambo’s presumed final battle was released back in May, and now Stallone himself promises a new trailer is coming along next week. See the star’s Instagram post in the space below:

For fans hoping the latest Rambo adventure will feature old school violence in the spirit of the earlier movies, Stallone confirmed late last month that the film will not only be R-rated but that it “earns” its R rating. As far as story goes, the film involves Rambo being torn away from his peaceful life as a cowboy to travel to Mexico and rescue a friend’s daughter who has been kidnapped by the cartels. As terrifying as the cartels may be, they are of course no match for Rambo and his array of weapons.

The movie’s previous teaser trailer seemed to promise a final Rambo adventure somewhat in the spirit of Logan, and fans of Rambo can only hope that Rambo: Last Blood indeed gives the character a send-off that achieves the resonance of the final Hugh Jackman Wolverine film. Fans will get a better idea of what the new movie has in store when the new trailer drops, but it’s already certain that things will get hardcore as Rambo once again calls upon his many skills in order to take down his enemies.

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