Rambo 5 ???

Over the past few months there have been rumors that Sylvester Stallone would revisiting (again) the role of John Rambo.

I'd never put much stock in these rumors as Stallone appears to have a full slate ahead of him with the Death Wish remake and the ever gestating Edgar Allan Poe biopic.

However, you can't keep a good action hero down and with Rambo's $100 million worldwide gross Harvey Weinstein wanted to continue the franchise and keep the iconic character on the bigscreen.

It would seem that he got what he wanted (much to the disapointment of Mick Jagger).

Screen Daily is reporting that the new Rambo flick will lens in Bulgaria (of all places).

According to the trade paper (via Moviehole) the fifth installment of the action franchise will be one of the first films to use a new studio facility, that will include 10 new sound stages and new city street sets.

Moviehole says:

"Knowing it's going to be filmed in Bulgaria essentially voids most people's predictions that the next film would see Stallone back on home soil - USA"

I disagree, I feel that the film could be set in the USA, and that the Bulgaria shoot is a way to keep the budget low (and profits high). It wouldn't be the first time Bulgaria stood in for the US, and if they are expanding city street sets then this is a possibility. Besides, there's nothing that a bit of second unit photography can't do to make you believe that you're somewehere else.

Personally, I don't care where the film is shot, I just hope that it's good. I'd hate to see Stallone fritter away all the good will that he has been getting recently.

Rambo 5, is it a good idea?

Sources: Moviehole and Screen Daily

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