'Rambo 5' Rumored Title is 'Rambo: Last Blood'; Filming This Fall?

Rambo 5 may be titled Rambo: Final Blood

Sylvester Stallone was the "winner" of the Falling Star title in our 2014 Summer Movie Awards - and not without fair reason, either. Fact of the matter is, Sly's last four movies - Bullet to the Head, Escape Plan, Grudge Match, and The Expendables 3 - have all performed well below expectations at the U.S. box office. Even the third Expendables and its action star-packed cast have only been able to muster $37 million in ticket sales here in the States so far (and no, as our Rob Keyes pointed out, piracy was not the reason).

Now we're hearing talk that Rambo 5 will become a reality sooner than later, from no less an authority than Stallone; about a month ago, the actor/filmmaker said he's already begun his grueling physical training regime, in order to convincingly play the eponymous Vietnam War veteran once last time. The Millennium Films website identifies the project as being (appropriately enough) titled Rambo: Last Blood, while Film Divider has gotten word that local crewing services in Shreveport, Louisiana have started recruiting staff to work on the film, with a listed production start date of October 27th, 2014.

Problem is, there are other reliables sources of movie-related information - Collider's Steven "Frosty" Weintraub to be exact (see below) - who have been informed that a fifth Rambo movie is not happening... not in the immediate future, anyway. Such claims are all the more worth taking into consideration, with this news coming so soon after Expendables 3's weaker-than-expected box office performance.

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