Stallone Not Making Rambo 5?

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Sylvester Stallone had been talking up Rambo 5 for quite some time. There were reportedly two potential plots under development and it sounded as if Stallone was preparing to shoot the film later this year - once his work on The Expendables was complete.

Now, we're hearing that Stallone will not be making Rambo 5!

Sheryl Main, the publicist for The Expendables has been keeping a blog chronicling the development of the star-studded film (which opens this summer) - and  she appears pretty close to the Stallone camp. Main recently posted the following comment on her blog - a comment that appears to state that there will be no more missions for John Rambo:

"A few months ago I mentioned Sly dropped a bombshell…that bombshell was…no Rambo 5…when he decides what his next move is I will update…"

Now, this may not mean that the Rambo franchise is dead and buried - but Stallone isn't getting any younger (he's now 63).

If The Expendables is a hit, Stallone has mentioned that he'd want to make a sequel or two. Since the new franchise covers similar ground as Rambo, it makes sense that he'd want to give his new baby some room to grow. After all, this isn't the 1980s and there's only so much audience out there for old-school action. In addition, more Expendables movies also means that Stallone doesn't have to carry the films on his own - meaning that, as he ages, he can hand over more and more screen time to his younger cast-mates.

When Rambo 5 was first rumored it allegedly revolved around human trafficking in Mexico. Later, when Stallone first talked about the film, the slant was a little different -  the project was then being called The Savage Hunt. The new plot brought Rambo into science fiction territory as he hunted down a genetically modified super-soldier.

will stallone focus on savage hunt?

When fan reaction aired on the negative side, the plot was switched back to the Mexican storyline - and The Savage Hunt plotline was set as a film outside of the Rambo universe.

It's possible Stallone has decided to move forward with production on The Savage Hunt instead of Rambo 5. After all, the actor hasn't really delved into science fiction since - not since the ill-fated Judge Dredd in 1995 (I'll not mention Spy Kids 3D). Then again, he might also produce his Death Wish remake (which has long been in development) or his Edgar Allan Poe biopic that was, at one point, set to star Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.

Are you happy or disappointed that Stallone appears to have "retired" John Rambo? What should the actor/producer work on next?

Source: EthelMae's Blog via Moviehole

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