Rambo 5: Spoiler Heavy Plot Details Emerge

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Rambo 5: Last Blood ahead

A new report reveals supposed, spoiler-heavy plot details for Rambo 5: Last Blood. Rambo 5 is set to be Stallone’s last time reprising the iconic action hero, but the sequel has had a tortured development. The first version was announced shortly after the success of 2008’s Rambo and was subtitled The Savage Hunt. This would have teamed Rambo with a group of mercenaries to hunt and kill a government-created monster. The concept was based off the horror novel Hunter, and while Stallone quickly dropped this idea, he still plans to adapt the book into a standalone film.

Stallone then drafted a story that found Rambo heading to Mexico on a rescue mission, but his involvement with other projects like The Expendables meant the sequel kept being pushed back. First Blood author David Morrell recently revealed he and Stallone collaborated on a separate idea for Rambo 5 that would have been a "soulful" finale for the character. This storyline was rejected by producers, which briefly led to Stallone retiring from the character. Morrell also revealed a planned TV show featuring Rambo’s son didn’t go ahead because the concept wasn’t strong enough.

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Rambo 5: Last Blood is finally moving forward, and will use the Mexico rescue mission storyline. Now a report by Splash Report reveals some spoiler-heavy details about the project. This report hasn’t been confirmed, however, so for the time being, it should be treated with some salt. The script opens with a disturbing scene showing a young woman named Carmen and her sister being attacked in broad daylight. Carmen manages to escape, but her eight-year-old sister is taken.

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 5 Last Blood

The story then catches up with Rambo, who is working on his farm in Bowie, Arizona. The former war hero is suffering from severe PTSD and spends a lot of time drinking. When his caretaker Maria reveals her daughter has been kidnapped, Rambo tracks down a sex trafficker involved and ends up killing the man once he learns the girl was sold to a cartel. Rambo later undertakes a solo rescue mission, which ends up failing when he’s caught. He’s beaten almost to death after challenging the cartel leader and his men to a fight but winds up being saved and nursed back to health by Carmen. They then decide to team up to rescue their loved ones.

The report details further plot information beyond that point, but it might be best to hold off until Rambo 5: Last Blood is released. If the report is accurate, Last Blood’s story appears to be a dark final chapter in the Rambo saga, and one that builds off the history of the character. There’s no shortage of action either, with the report detailing some inventively gruesome deaths.

Aside from Rambo 5: Last Blood, Stallone is back as Rocky in Creed 2 this month. The actor, in general, has been kept busy with franchises recently; 2018 also saw the release of Escape Plan 2: Hades and next year he starts work on The Expendables 4.

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Source: Splash Report

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