Rambo 5 Without Stallone?

Stallone Intrigued by Rambo Prequel

A few weeks ago it came to light that Sylvester Stallone wouldn’t be making Rambo 5 – despite two very different ideas about where to take the next film.

The curtains appeared to have closed on the Rambo franchise and Stallone seemed to be happy to move on to different projects.

However, that was before Rambo 5 posters started appearing at the Cannes festival - posters with Stallone’s legendary mug firmly established on the materials.

So what’s the story? According to AICN, Stallone was as surprised as everyone else:

“Stallone told me in no uncertain terms - At the end of JOHN RAMBO - when he sees his home, those horses and he looks back at that road... for Sly, that was a road he is never walking down again. In August, he's doing an expanded edition of JOHN RAMBO that seems to be coming to Blu Ray and DVD - where he is putting back into the films - a few moments here and there that help with the finality of that film. Including a monologue, somewhere around the head of the film which will basically give everything John Rambo has left to say, that is, as of yet, unsaid.”

Seems pretty clear - John Rambo was the final chapter in the Rambo series and this next DVD release will tie up all loose ends and questions that fans have pondered since its release.

When Knowles broached the topic of the marketing posters appearing at Cannes, Stallone denied all knowledge, claiming that he didn’t know a thing about them. Knowles then asked the actor/director if there was a chance that the studio might be trying to raise funds to entice Stallone back into the Rambo fold.

Stallone’s reply was simple:

"Maybe, but it ain't happening."

rambo 5 is promoted at cannes

The Rambo 5 Marketing Materials Featured at Cannes

Sly then went on to say that it looked like the studio could want to carry on with the Rambo series and character - without his involvement. According to Knowles, "Sly seems fine with that."

It’s hard to imagine Rambo films made without Sylvester Stallone, but we live in a world where remakes and reboots are par for the course - so it looks like we just might see one.

Who would you guys like to see replace the legendary Stallone as John Rambo? Or do you think Stallone might be waiting to reveal his Rambo 5 involvement at a later date?

Source: AICN

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