Is Rambo 5 Heading Back To Mexico?

Bad News No Rambo 5

By now you Rambo fans know about Sylvester Stallone's plans for Rambo 5, which up until now has been tentatively titled The Savage Hunt. Basically, Rambo was going to be sent out to bring down a super-solider turned savage killing machine by a government experiment gone wrong. The official synopsis for the film revealed that this somewhat surprising choice of storyline was actually based on the novel Hunter by author James Byron Huggins.

We here at Screen Rant heard this development and pretty much had the same reaction "Weird... But Cool!" The thought of John Rambo denying life to a "half-human, half-abomination" super-creature seemed like a logical step - after watching bad guys get blown to bloody chunks in Rambo 4, it was obvious that mere humans could no longer stand against the godly might of Rambo.

So color us slightly disappointed as we now are getting a rumor whispered in our ear, stating that Rambo 5 is going to undergo a (reverse) script change.

Our source on this claims to be a regular reader of one of the top Stallone fan forums on the Web. He passed on a message allegedly left by Sly himself, letting fans know of the change in plot for Rambo 5. See for yourself:

From Sly

Hi Craig,

This is from Sly to your followers:

To all the loyal SZoners out there,

I’m letting you know that Rambo has changed course and the story about hunting the man/beast will be done using another character in the lead. RAMBO himself will be heading over the border to a violent city where many young women have vanished .

There will be blood.

Best,Sly Stallone

The "Mexico" storyline is of course the previously conceived plot for Rambo 5, which found Rambo taking on human traffickers/Mexican drug cartels, in order to save the life of a young girl. If this note is real, and Stallone and Co. are in fact going back to the Mexico plot for Rambo 5, then it's safe to conclude one of three things:

  1. Stallone and Co. felt that the Hunter-inspired super-soldier plot was too out of step with the Rambo universe.
  2. The Mexico storyline was more timely (and fitting) for a Rambo movie.
  3. All of the above, plus the fact that more money can be made by making BOTH films.

Hey, so long as it's Stallone who suits up for the Hunter adaptation then I'm good with this switch(back). SOMEBODY needs to get a handle on this drug cartel/human trafficking mess, and it might as well be Rambo - somebody has to also get a handle on this rouge super-soldier mess, and it might as well be Rambo Sylvester Stallone.

Look, I just want to see Sly kill things (why do you think I'm going to see The Expendables next year?). Criminals, super-soldiers, death squads, drug dealers, whatevs... Some action heroes are just artists... Artists painting with bad guy blood...

What do you think - is our source on the money? Would it be prudent to keep Rambo looking like Rambo and save the exploits of Hunter for a separate franchise? Would you want to see Sly starring in and adaptation of  Hunter? Sound off and let us know.

Rambo 5 has been slated to start production in the spring of 2010. We'll keep you posted on this story as it develops.

Source: Stallone Zone (Thanks to "M.K." for steering this onto our radar! Appreciate it!)

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