Rambo 5 A Reality

It just goes to show - you can't keep a good man down!

It looks like Sylvester Stallone is set to return to the role of John Rambo in... you guessed it, Rambo 5.

Lionsgate has appointed former Universal honcho Alli Shearmur to run the studio and one of the films in their production pipe line is Rambo 5.

Much like Rambo/ John Rambo (depending on where you live) it will be written and directed by Stallone. The fifth film in the mega-action franchise will shoot in Bulgaria and is expected to go before cameras reasonably soon.

The last Rambo made $113 million worldwide and it must have made a killing on DVD - there have been rumors circling since the release of the last installment, but many never thought that Stallone would pull the trigger on another movie. However, now that it's on the Lionsgate production it's a certainty.

Besides, Stallone has been quiet of late, I can only presume that he's been hitting the gym and knocking out a screenplay.

I suppose if Arnold can pop up in Terminator Salvation, then Stallone can tie that bandanna once more.

Rambo: Fifth Blood anyone?

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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