Rambo 5 Casts Paz Vega In A Leading Role Alongside Stallone

Paz Vega in Triage

Spanglish actress Paz Vega will join Sylvester Stallone in the action sequel Rambo 5: Last Blood, which is currently in production. Stallone recently shared the first photos from the film, showing the ever-brooding Rambo re-imagined as a cowboy. Adrian Grunberg (Get the Gringo) is directing from a script by Matthew Cirulnik and Stallone.

In the movie, the iconic Rambo leaves behind his familiar jungle and takes to the deserts of Mexico to do battle against the drug cartels. It’s the first film in the long-running franchise since 2008’s Rambo, which itself came a full 20 years after Rambo III. The series of course kicked off in 1982 with First Blood, which was followed quickly by 1985’s Rambo: First Blood Part II. The second Rambo was a major hit with $300 million in worldwide grosses, while the other films have been modest successes at best.

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Now after a ten-year hiatus, Rambo returns to the screens with a new look and a new mission. As reported by THR, the bloodthirsty Vietnam vet will be joined by Spanglish actress Vega in the role of Carmen Delgado, a journalist who joins Rambo in his crusade against the cartels after her younger half-sister is kidnapped. The film is now shooting in Spain and Bulgaria.

Vega first became known to art house audiences thanks to her performances in 2001’s Sex and Lucia and 2002’s Talk to Her, the latter directed by the legendary Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. She made the cross-over to Hollywood in 2004 in James L. Brooks’ comedy-drama Spanglish, which teamed her with Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni. Many predicted American stardom for Vega coming off Spanglish but that never materialized and she’s spent recent years mostly doing television in her native Spain while mixing in the occasional role in low-budget movies like 2017’s Antonio Banderas vehicle Acts of Vengeance. She also appeared on Netflix’s supernatural drama The OA and is expected back for season 2.

Vega now jumps in the saddle with Stallone as he once again resurrects John Rambo, his other iconic franchise character. Of course, Stallone is also set to reprise the role of Rocky Balboa in this year’s Creed 2, re-teaming with Michael B. Jordan. After so many years inhabiting these two characters, will Stallone finally pull a Harrison Ford and bring an end to his own creations? Only time will tell if Rambo 5: Last Blood ultimately lives up to its name and finally puts a bow on the Rambo franchise after over three decades and countless bloody kills. The film is set for release in Fall 2019.

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Source: THR

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