New Rambo V: Last Blood Images Set Up Rescue Mission Storyline

Sylvester Stallone reveals more photos from Rambo 5: Last Blood, which tease the character's rescue mission and reveal more plot details.

New Rambo V: Last Blood images set up the title character's new rescue mission. Despite Rambo’s skill as a soldier, he’s been shown throughout the series to be very reluctant to fight. In each of the sequels, he’s only taken up arms to rescue others. In Rambo: First Blood Part II it's to rescue POWs held in Vietnam, in Rambo III it’s to save his friend Colonel Trautman and in 2008’s Rambo he’s tasked with saving a group of missionaries in Burma.

Rambo V: Last Blood will feature the character on another rescue mission, but this time it’s to save Gabriella, a teenager who works on his family farm and is kidnapped by a Mexican cartel. Stallone’s original idea for the fifth movie back in 2009 was very different and would have pitted Rambo against a genetically engineered monster designed by the government. Rambo would have led a group of mercenaries after this unkillable beast, but Stallone eventually abandoned this concept because it was too outlandish.

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After being stuck in development hell for years, Rambo V: Last Blood will finally bring the character’s journey to a close. Stallone has been very active in promoting the project on his Instagram page and periodically releases images that explain more of the story. He’s just posted a new set of photos that reveal Gabriella travels to Mexico to find her father, and her subsequent kidnapping sets Rambo on a path of violence.

The premise for Rambo V seems relatively straight forward, but the character’s age will feature into the story. Despite finding some degree of peace after the events of the last movie, Rambo V will reveal the character is still suffering from PTSD and drinks to forget his past. This means he’s no longer the formidable fighter he once was, making his mission all the more difficult. The movie will almost certainly be Stallone’s last time in the role, and he posted a video after filming wrapped where he reflected on his time with Rambo.

The star also confirmed his retirement from Rocky following Creed 2, and the movie ends with the character leaving Adonis Creed and reconnecting with his estranged son. Stallone will be keeping busy in the years ahead though, with both Rambo V: Last Blood and The Extractors: Escape Plan set for release this year. He’s also expected to start filming The Expendables 4 sometime in 2019, which is also said to be the final installment of that series.

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