Rambo 5: Iconic Bow & Arrow Return In New Photo

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo 5 Last Blood

Rambo wields his famous bow & arrow once again in a new Rambo 5: Last Blood photo. While First Blood was a relatively grounded action thriller, the violence and action became more outlandish with each passing sequel. Rambo: First Blood Part II saw the character evolve in the one-man army he became known as, with a finale that saw him take down dozens of enemies with an M-60 and his bow & arrow with explosive tips.

Rambo III would continue in this vein, and while 2008’s Rambo would tone down the cartoony elements somewhat, the movie still racked up the biggest body count of the entire franchise. Rambo 5: Last Blood recently wrapped filming, and finds the legendary soldier on a rescue mission to Mexico to save a friend’s daughter from a brutal cartel. Sylvester Stallone recently posted a video to celebrate the end of filming, whilst seeming to say farewell to the character too.

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There are certain trademarks that come with a new Rambo sequel, with Stallone recently showing the Heartstopper’ knife the character wields in Rambo 5. Now Stallone has posted a new photo on his Instagram account showing Rambo with his trusty bow & arrow, accompanied with the line 'Death is coming your way, and there’s nothing in this world you can do to stop it...'

Rambo 5: Last Blood is a project that’s been in development hell for some time, with the earliest iteration radically departing from series formula by having Rambo fighting a monster; Stallone is now developing that idea as a solo project dubbed Hunter. Spoiler heavy details for Rambo 5 recently emerged, revealing the movie is essentially a spin on Taken, with the title character taking on one last mission to save a kidnapped girl – and killing a lot of bad guys on the way.

First Blood author David Morrell recently revealed he and Stallone actually collaborated on a separate, more soulful concept for Rambo 5: Last Blood, but it was rejected by producers. The latest sequel is almost certainly going to be Stallone’s last time playing the role. The actor recently announced his retirement as Rocky too, with Creed 2 being his final appearance in the role. That said, he’s announced his retirement from both Rocky and Rambo numerous times in the past, so only time will tell if he sticks to those plans.

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