Ralph Breaks the Internet: Designing The Princesses' Comfy Clothes

One of the most popular things since the trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet was released, is the appearance of the Disney Princesses.  In one of the latest “sneak peeks” for the movie, the princesses are seen in casual “comfy” clothing.  The Art Director of Characters Ami Thompson explained the process of designing the look.


In Ralph Breaks the Internet, Ralph and Vanellope need to keep Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush from being scrapped. The duo journey into the Internet to find a rare replacement part that can fix her game.  During their adventure, Princess Vanellope von Schweetz ends up face to face with her fellow princesses.


“So, this was really unique, but at the same time, like the most exciting project that we ever worked on,” Thompson said. “And at the same time, we're all curious.  We all thought, what are they going to be wearing? Because we usually see them in dresses. So, I remember, one time, we had to design pajamas for princesses, but we felt that it's too relaxed.  So, we decided to go similar to what Vanellope is wearing. She's wearing a hoodie and she's wearing the leggings. So, that immediately thought that like, oh, it's a better possibility.” Pamela Ribon, the writer that originated the “Princess Scene” chimed in, “It's her makeover [LAUGHS].  Every movie has a makeover scene.”

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Thompson continued, “So, when we were watching the original movie of Cinderella, we realized that her ears are completely hidden underneath the hairband. So, we're like, oh my gosh, where did her ears go? We didn't realize that until now. So, we just decided to show her ears in her new design. Overall, we really, really enjoyed putting in little bits of detail like this into every single princess."


“So, when the team were trying to come up with the shirts’ design. And I remember I sent this drawing to Kira [Lehtomaki, Head of Animation]. And we got to talking about like, I mean why don't we just write down the ‘shirt’ on her, since she’s saying [in Ariel voice], what's it called again? Oh, yeah, a shirt.

“So, not just the design team, but our whole crew decided to come up with really fun ideas for the t- shirt designs. And overall, everyone's idea [sic] was like really fun and really exciting. But unfortunately, we can only choose one design for each one of the princesses.”  Ribon sulked, “So hard to narrow it down.”

“Each t-shirts [sic] are based off of the little reference about their own film,” Thompson said. “Sleeping Beauty, obviously had to be ‘Nap Queen.’ The poison apple. I kind of wanted to make [Snow White’s] shirt a little cool. I mean, not many people can survive eating poison apples [LAUGHS]. She's a survivor.”

“The Rapunzel shirt, it says ‘We’ve got a dream, the Snuggly Ducklings.’ I like this. It’s kind of like a rock-star style in there. I also liked the Mulan-- she's wearing a bomber jacket.  And it has Mushus embroidery on it. Another one is the Cinderella shirt. It has the carriage picture and G2G, which means ‘got to go’ in Internet language. So, we also tried to put these modern ideas into everyone’s designs. So, overall this was really, really fun to work on.”

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