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Imagine Dragons' music video for "Zero" - the band's new song from the Disney animated sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet - gives Litwak's arcade a live-action makeover. The Mouse House, of course, has a long tradition of including songs by popular music groups as part of the official soundtracks for its animated feature films. While those songs have often taken the form of a cover of a tune from the movie itself, they've sometimes been original offerings from the bands themselves (like Fall Out Boy's "Immortals" from the Big Hero 6 soundtrack).

Indeed, the original Wreck-It Ralph's soundtrack included "When Can I See You Again?" by Owl City, in addition to songs that are tied directly to the Ralph brand (namely, Buckner & Garcia's "Wreck-It, Wreck-It Ralph" and "Sugar Rush" from AKB48). The soundtrack for the upcoming sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, will likewise feature Imagine Dragons' new song "Zero", following the release of their latest album, Origins, in November. With less than a month to go before the film hits theaters, Imagine Dragons has gone ahead and released their official music video for the Disney tune online.

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The music video for "Zeros" debuted on Imagine Dragons' YouTube account earlier today and has already attracted a whole lot of views in that small span of time. Check it out for yourselves in the space below.

Although it might not be clear at first, the "Zero" music video does indeed take place in a live-action version of Litwak's arcade from the Wreck-It Ralph movies (see also: the entrance sign for the arcade towards the end of the video). The video mostly takes vague inspiration from that animated setting, though it does include actual footage of the Litwak's arcade game Sugar Rush, as well as the series' co-lead, Vanellope von Schweetz, within the game. There's also a brief nod to a key plot point from Ralph Breaks the Internet, as the steering wheel to Sugar Rush is shown being broken in one shot.

Ralph Breaks the Internet itself follows Ralph and Vanellope (with John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman reprising their voice roles from the first movie) as they travel across the world wide web, in an effort to save Sugar Rush from being permanently retired by finding it a replacement steering wheel. The song "Zero" doesn't seem to have much in common with the film's actual plot thematically but, admittedly, that's generally the case with these types of movie tie-in songs anyway. It's a catchy tune all the same and offers yet another reason to give the Wreck-It Ralph sequel a look when it arrives next month (assuming you're an Imagine Dragons fan, anyway).

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