Ralph Breaks Facebook & Instagram In Clever Wreck-It Ralph 2 Meme

Ralph Breaks the Internet rolls out a brilliant piece of marketing in the form of a meme that holds Ralph accountable for the recent outage of Facebook and Instagram. Best buds Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) are back for a brand new adventure following their first one six years ago in the critical and commercial success, Wreck-It RalphAfter becoming a hero in his own story, the titular character now explores the internet where he is faced with endless possibilities. Rich Moore returns to helm the movie but with Phil Johnston this time, who also worked on the screenplay for both films in the budding franchise.

Earlier this week, social media users have suffered downtimes on both Facebook and Instagram (alongside WhatsApp) for a whopping 13 hours. It turns out that the extended outage was due to server configuration as explained by people from Facebook. The issues have since then been resolved and all three platforms are back and running. Despite the unpleasant experience for users, the marketing team for Ralph Breaks the Internet cleverly saw this as an opportunity to roll out a timely promo for the film.

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On Ralph Breaks the Internet's official Twitter account, a hilarious meme pointing at the titular character as the reason for the latest service mishap was shared. What makes the image funnier is Ralph's busted and embarrassed facial expression after he was supposedly caught. Check out the image below:

Fans are digging the image and most of them are commending whoever came up with the brilliant idea. Some even admitted that while they're not necessarily that hyped about the movie, they're impressed with this specific marketing move. With the rampant use of social media nowadays, studios are starting to be more innovative when it comes to promoting their films, thinking about out-of-the-box ways to pique the interest of the general viewing public who may not be as enthused in an upcoming release compared to fans. The Deadpool franchise is known for using this scheme successfully and if it can help Ralph Breaks the Internet to entice more people to check out the movie, then that's great.

So far though, it doesn't seem like people need more urging to see the film. Early reviews for Ralph Breaks the Internet were generally positive. Screen Rant's review describes it as "bigger and more heartfelt, with fun Disney nostalgia but its story gets lost in the online setting at times." Fortunately, fans won't have to wait too long to see the film and formulate their opinion on it as the movie  hits theaters today.

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