Alan Tudyk Interview: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Alan Tudyk returns to Disney Animation films voicing the role of Knowsmore in Ralph Breaks the Internet. This is not only Tudyk's sixth time voicing a character in a Disney animated feature, but he also returns to the Wreck-It-Ralph franchise as he previously played King Candy.

Screen Rant: We just saw a nice presentation today and we saw some of the special features for the film, producer Clark Spencer called you “Disney’s lucky charm.”

Alan Tudyk: Yes.

Screen Rant: How do you feel about that?

Alan Tudyk: It cost me a lot of money to get them to repeat that. (Laughs) Again every time they say it, it’s a charge. It's a good thing to try to convince people of. That I’m a key factor in it all. I definitely am enjoying that idea.

Screen Rant: You have plenty of characters on the résumé too, which I think is really great and a wide variety of that.

Alan Tudyk: I know! They’ve been really great at casting and saying which one is Alan gonna be. Which I wish more people in town would do (Laughs). But I’m glad they’re doing it.

Screen Rant: They were saying when they told you about Knowsmore, I think they said it was a combination of, I forgot the other character.. Truman Capote possibly…

Alan Tudyk: It started with Truman Capote and into a Truman Capote impression) listen to Truman Capote he has a very pronounce lisp...and then when I started working on that, I found he’s very close to Droopy Dog.

Screen Rant: Yeah, I can see that.

Alan Tudyk: Because (goes into a Droopy Dog impression) Droopy Dog sounds like this. It’s like Truman Capote is here and then Knowsmore is somewhere here and then I started hitting Droopy Dog into Knowsmore.

Screen Rant: I saw the interview that you did a couple of years ago for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation..

Alan Tudyk: Oh yeah!

Screen Rant: And you brought the up the fact (and I’m kind of paraphrasing a little bit) that you have to  find real truth and real honesty in comedy. How did you take a character like Knowsmore, who's a cartoon character and how do you find the honesty and truth in the comedy he’s gonna do?

Alan Tudyk: Well...I guess his truth is that he knows everything. So there's some comedy in that, where the woman comes up and says that about her daughter. That she wants to get lessons for her daughter…

Screen Rant: Right…

Alan Tudyk: (As Knowsmore) “I hope stays with this longer than her LAST phase…” And that’s his truth. He knows search history. He knows the history.  So there's a truth there. And we did that on the day, that wasn’t in the script. He would know this! I started playing on that truth. It’s a little different in animation..but it shouldn’t be. If you’re doing it right, if you’re acting for real and it always makes it better.

Screen Rant: I can see because you brought up in that whole exercise with that one teacher where you walked up to the line and saying the word HI. I feel that is something you definitely have to do when you come in here and you make a nice impact with characters you have a big amount of screen time as you are voicing Knowsmore,  who is not as big as King Candy but he definitely still stands out in the film.

Alan Tudyk: He’s the Alan Tudyk role.

Screen Rant: I was gonna...

Alan Tudyk: Lynchpin!

Screen Rant: Very important role I might add.

Alan Tudyk: He is a good role to have. He’s the one who sends them in the right direction and then helps them get to where they are going at the end, gives them the solution to the end. Because they can’t cut that out. (laughs )You have to have that there, otherwise they gotta cut around it.

Screen Rant: Where's the movie gonna go if your character doesn't point them in the right direction?

Alan Tudyk: Exactly...right down the tubes. (Laughs)

Screen Rant: I think in that same interview you said you don’t really know who you are gonna play until you get over here sometimes. Is that the case with…

Alan Tudyk: Knowsmore?

Screen Rant: ...with Knowsmore.  

Alan Tudyk: No..uh..I knew a little bit about him. I didn’t see the art before I got here but they did give me “Listen to Truman Capote” so I kind of knew where he was, that he was a know-it-all. So, those were two big important things to know coming in..starting with that, and then also that he knows...knows a lot...he knows more than you.

Screen Rant: So I’m gonna talk to the directors a little bit later today. So I wanna pitch them an idea.

Alan Tudyk: Ok.

Screen Rant: Next movie.

Alan Tudyk: Right.

Screen Rant: A room of just Tudyk characters.

Alan Tudyk: Great.

Screen Rant: JUST your characters.

Alan Tudyk: Right!

Screen Rant: So that’s HeiHei, both Dukes…

Alan Tudyk: Alright yep.

Screen Rant: I don’t know what they’ll be talking about (laughs)...but I would figure, how was your bus trip or something...I don’t know.

Alan Tudyk: Oh god the Duke of Weselton on a bus. (As the Duke of Weselton) The Amera Cruiser II, I never been more insulted!

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Disney's Ralph Breaks the Internet is now on Digital and will be coming to 4K, Blu-ray, and DVD on February 26.

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