What To Expect From Raising Dion Season 2

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Raising Dion season 2 would be a story of good versus evil, and here's everything we know about that. Created by Carol Barbee, the Netflix series premiered in October 2019 and features a science fiction storyline involving a young superhero. Raising Dion is based on Dennis Liu’s comic series of the same name.

In Raising Dion, single mother Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) grieves her deceased husband Mark (Michael B. Jordan), a heroic BIONA scientist who passes away during a storm. Ja'Siah Young portrays the title character, a kid who doesn’t fully realize the unique powers he possesses. Jason Ritter co-stars as Pat, a BIONA engineer who’s not only Dion’s godfather but also seems intent on protecting him at all costs, even if his tactics upset Nicole.

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The penultimate Raising Dion season 1 episode begins with a bang and ends with a supernatural shocker, while the Raising Dion season 1 finale teases an inevitable superhero showdown. Here’s what to expect for Raising Dion season 2 on Netflix.

Raison Dion Season 2 Renewal

Netflix hasn’t yet ordered Raising Dion season 2. In general, the streaming service usually waits three to six weeks before making renewal (or cancellation) decisions, which means that an official announcement will likely be made by Thanksgiving 2019. For context, Netflix released The Order (a supernatural-themed series) on March 2019 and ordered a second season the same month. However, Wu Assassins (the latest supernatural series release) hasn’t yet been renewed since premiering on August 8. Considering the positive responses to Raising Dion, along with the family-oriented narrative, it seems possible that Netflix will greenlight Raising Dion season 2.

Raison Dion Season 2 Release Date

Michael B. Jordan in Raising Dion

Netflix first announced Raising Dion season 1 way back in October 2017, approximately two years before the series premiered. Moving forward, all parties involved will theoretically want to release one new season per year. And while the aforementioned Jordan, an executive producer, will certainly be busy with various movie shoots, he’s not a main cast member for Raising Dion and wouldn’t need to devote as much time. So, we predict that Raising Dion season 2 will release sometime in fall 2020, perhaps even October.

Raison Dion Season 2 Story

Raising Dion Cast

Raising Dion season 1 ends with The Crooked Man (Pat) tracking down Dion. Thanks to some advice from Esperanza, Nicole realizes that the villain can only see powered people, thus allowing her to help Dion defeat the dark energy. For a brief moment, Mark returns to provide love and support, along with some advice about how energy can take on different forms. In the final minutes of Raising Dion season 1, The Crooked Man enters Brayden Mills' body. So, for Raising Dion season 2's story, the main conflict will undoubtedly focus on two second-generation superhero kids; a battle of good vs. evil.

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