Raising Dion Cast & Character Guide

Raising Dion Cast

The Raising Dion cast features some stars-in-the-making, while the recurring cast includes an A-list Hollywood actor. Based on Dennis Liu’s comic of the same name, the Netflix superhero series released in October 2019. 

Raising Dion follows the journey of widow Nicole Reese. While trying to get by as a single mother, she realizes that her son, the titular character, possesses unique abilities. Given the boy’s age, Nicole wisely tries to protect him from anybody, or anything, with malicious intentions.

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Raising Dion was adapted for television by Carol Barbee, who is best known for producing the TV series TouchJericho, and UnREAL. Here's a rundown of all the Raising Dion cast and where you've probably seen the actors and actresses before.

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Raising Dion’s Main Cast

Raising Dion Main Cast

Alisha Wainwright as Nicole Reese: Raising Dion’s main character tries to deal with the past and present. Nicole Reese is portrayed by American actress Alisha Wainwright, who is best known for starring as Maia Roberts on Freeform’s Shadowhunters. She previously voiced Leona in Disney Star Darlings, and had a minor role in Courtney Cox’s 2014 film Just Before I Go.

Ja'Siah Young as Dion Warren: As Raising Dion’s titular character, Dion Warren is more than just a special young man - he's a superhero. He’s portrayed by Ja’Siah Young, who will star as O.J. Simpson’s son Justin in the upcoming feature Nicole and O.J. Prior to Raising Dion, Young had just one on-screen acting credit for Billy on the Street.

Jazmyn Simon as Kat Neese: In Raising Dion, Kat Neese is Dion's aunt. HBO subscribers may recognize Jazymn Simone as Julie Greane from Ballers. She also portrayed June in Tyler Perry’s 2018 drama Acrimony.

Sammi Haney as Esperanza Jimenez: This Raising Dion character is Dion’s best friend. She’s portrayed by Sammi Haney, the founder of the t-shirt company DisabilityShirts. Haney makes her TV debut as a fictional character.

Jason Ritter as Pat Rollins: An engineer, Pat Rollins is Dion’s Godfather. Jason Ritter is the son of the late John Ritter. Over the past two decades, the younger Ritter has established an impressive film and TV resume, most notably for roles in Freddy vs. Jason and HBO’s The Tale. Ritter voiced Dipper Pines and numerous characters in Disney’s Gravity Falls, and voices Ryder in Frozen II.

Raising Dion’s Recurring Cast

Michael B. Jordan in Raising Dion

Michael B. Jordan as Mark Warren: Dion’s deceased father is portrayed by Michael B. Jordan. In the early 2000s, Jordan starred as Wallace in HBO’s The Wire, and later delivered a breakout movie performance in Ryan Coogler’s directorial debut Fruitvale Station. The two reunited for Creed, Black Panther, and Creed II.

Gavin Munn as Jonathan King: In Raising Dion, this character bullies the young superhero. HBO subscribers may recognize Gavin Munn as Abraham Gemstone from the comedy series The Righteous Gemstones.

Ali Ahn as Suzanne Wu: As the CEO of BIONA, she works alongside Ritter’s Pat Rollins. Ali Ahn is best known as Carly from Showtime’s Billions and Nicole from Hulu’s The Path.

Donald Paul as Mr. Anthony Fry: Dion’s science teacher is portrayed by Donald Paul, best known for appearing as Nose-Ringed Jamaican in Power.

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