Fake Diamonds Win Creator's Cup at Rainbow Six Siege's Raleigh Major

Fake Diamonds Creators Cup Winners Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major

Breaking: Fake Diamonds win the almighty Creator's Cup trophy at Rainbow Six Siege's Raleigh Major event.

This weekend's "Showmatch" during Rainbow Six Siege's Raleigh Major brought together some of the most popular content creators and key members of the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege community in Raleigh, North Carolina. The three-team tournament included the likes of popular streamers Macie Jay and Shroud, to top R6 cosplayer Chai.

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The full list of participants for The Rowdy Shroudys, the Fake Diamonds, and Goldy's Golds who competed today on the Raleigh Major main stage can be seen below. The games included plenty of creative and hyper-competitive play, but also plenty of moments of levity which offered a much-needed breath of fresh air before the actual esports finals take place in the afternoon.

Rainbow Six Raleigh Major Creators Cup

In the semi-finals The Rowdy Shroudys played against Godly's Golds and here, TheRussianBadger played for the "LOLs," as they say, pretending to do laundry while shaking in fear during a 1v4 situation when he was positioned a floor below objective on defense. He ran willingly to his death up the stairs into a skeleton key shotgun blast by Buck.

The two teams traded rounds throughout the entire game, going 6-6 into the final round where TheRussianBadger chose Tachanka (the god-tier meme character) and literally wore an actual Tachanka helmet on stage. He was the first to be taken out and didn't even get to use his big turret. It wasn't the only time he tried this, paying respect to the operators from his home country.

Top streamer Shroud had a tough go of it in the early rounds but pulled several clutch moments in the final rounds to help tie up the games, and in the final round, to secure the win against the Goldy's Golds. They moved onto the finals against the Fake Diamonds.

In the creator showcase final however, it was another story entirely and not close at all. Fake Diamonds (who have a player, Priest, who plays with a controller!) took a commanding lead off the bat, almost going five round wins in a row if it weren't for MacieJay clutching out two kills in round three to prevent the steam roll. They almost took out Shroud in round 6 but the timer ran out just in time to give The Rowdy Shroudys a much-needed extra round win to bring the series to 4-2 for the Fake Diamonds which gave them momentum for a commanding win in round 7, before losing a kitchen battle in round 8, bringing the Fake Diamonds one round away from winning five golden Creator Cups.

And with another win after that, the Fake Diamonds win the Creators Cup, only losing four rounds in the entire tournament.

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Up next is the full reveal of Operation Ember Rise followed by at 2:30PM EDT the Grand Final of Team Empire vs. G2 Esports which can be viewed live

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