Possible Halloween Event Skins Leak For Rainbow Six Siege

Crouch and lean spamming in Rainbow Six Siege

New images and video have surfaced detailing what will most likely be special skins for a Halloween event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Although originally derided for a poor progression system and lack of substantial content when it was released back in December 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has been consistently updated over the past four years with new maps, characters, and missions, and is now regarded as one of the better multiplayer shooters on the market.

Even though it hasn't been very long since the test launch of Operation Ember Rise, Rainbow Six Siege players have already discovered new content that may be coming their way in a few months in the form of what appears to be Halloween-themed skins for the game's Operators. The appearance of zombies, evil doctors, grim reapers, and horned demons all point to some sort of upcoming horror ambiance, and although the holiday is still a little over two months away that hasn't kept players from speculating about just what kind of other spooky surprises developer Ubisoft Montreal has in store.

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Fans in the Rainbow Six Siege Reddit community recently discovered the new skins, one of which is an actual skin suit, and came to the collective conclusion that some sort of horror movie event will be occurring in mid-to-late October. As user Toronto-Will pointed out, "The leak of the Wild West skins also happened way in advance of the event," referring to the 3v3 Western Showdown Event that ran from July 2nd to July 16th earlier in the year and featured similar character redesigns in the form of Old West gunslingers, sheriffs, and outlaws. A full breakdown of the discovered skins has also been posted to YouTube by DEADSHOT GAMING/TECH and shows the variety of new looks on display.

Although no official announcement has been made on the validity of these new outfits, the quality of design and attention to detail in them strongly suggest that these are indeed real assets and not doctored or fake images. While we don't yet know whether this supposed Halloween event will be tied into any of Ubisoft's plans for Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Battle Passes, it seems safe to assume that they will indeed be featured in the game at some point in the future.

It would be interesting to see what Ubisoft has prepared for Halloween given the supposed circumstances that these new skins represent. Will players be fighting hordes of zombies in some sort of wave defense mode, or will Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege change up its formula yet again and throw in some as-of-yet undiscovered monster for Operators to battle against? Only one thing is for certain - that Ghost redesign is pretty creepy.

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Source: Reddit, YouTube

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