Leaks About Rainbow Six Siege's Next Operators & Gadgets Were All True

Rainbow Six Siege Garra Hook test shot

Ubisoft has officially confirmed some details about new Rainbow Six Siege operators, and it looks like the leaks were true. Concept art of the operators and information about their weapons leaked over the past few months and it was accurate, yet again, when it comes to the new operator gear that Siege's next expansion is adding.

Since Rainbow Six Siege launched in 2015, Ubisoft has been consistently supporting the tactical multiplayer shooter with additional characters, updates and new content. Ubisoft has added features like the Old West-themed, limited-time Rainbow Six Siege Showdown mode, and the game is even coming to PS5 and next-gen Xbox consoles (though even then it will never get a single-player campaign). Fans of the game are constantly looking forward to the introduction of new operators, and it looks like recent leaks could prove to be true.

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A post on the Rainbow Six Siege website revealed the upcoming operators’ weapons: the Garra Hook and Volcán Shield. The Garra Hook is a grappling hook gun that allows the user to quickly scale walls and break through barricaded windows, and the Volcán Shield contains a gas tank that explodes when ruptured by enemy fire. While the website post mentions that the Volcán Shield disorients enemies when it explodes, it’s not clear if this is a literal mechanic (i.e., if players near the shield when it explodes will have their vision obstructed in some way) or if it’s simply saying that a fiery explosion near a player’s target will naturally be disorienting. The reveal of these gadgets confirms a mid-June Resetera leak that predicted a grappling hook and special deployable shield.

A post on the official Rainbow Six Twitter also seemingly confirmed a Reddit concept art leak from earlier this month, which showed both the operators in an almost Hearthstone-esque art style. According to the tweet, the new season is called Operation Ember Rise, and full details will be revealed during the Rainbow Six Siege Raleigh Major Finals on August 18. A clearer, 6K version of the official Twitter teaser image was also posted on Reddit following the tweet. Based on the art, the season’s theme seems to be an Indiana Jones-like jungle excursion. A separate Reddit leak appears to have confirmed the operators’ names as Amaru and Goyo. The latter references a nickname of an active Mexican volcano, so Goyo is likely the male operator that uses the Volcán Shield.

It’s not uncommon for new content reveals to be spoiled by leaks, especially in constantly-updating live service games like Rainbow Six Siege. Since content updates roll out so regularly and these games require so many hands-on-deck to get right, there’s bound to be datamines and word-of-mouth rumors fairly often.

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Source: Ubisoft

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