Rainbow Six Siege is Finally Addressing A Key Gameplay Problem (in 2020)

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Ubisoft is finally addressing the Rainbow Six: Siege client-side debris issue, but players will have to keep waiting until early 2020 for a full fix. Client-side debris has been a major issue since the Rainbow Six: Siege launch in 2015.

Because Rainbow Six: Siege includes destructible environmental elements, the game's destruction physics sometimes leave debris stuck in doors and windows. Since the way something falls apart is processed within an individual player's game client and not on the multiplayer server, this debris can create different sight lines for different players, which can be a big problem in a tactical shooter like Siege, gifting one player a significant - and unintended - advantage over another.

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In the developer's updated list of Rainbow Six: Siege's top issues and community concerns, Ubisoft announced plans to address client-side debris. The developers listed providing consistency of barricade destruction for all players as the fix's objective, explaining that the team is in the design phase and is exploring and prototyping fix options. According to the devs, the fix is "potentially" targeted for season one of the game's fifth year of support.

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Another notable issue addressed in Ubisoft's community concerns list is operator balancing. The team said it has seen high ban rates in ranked play for operators Blitz, Jackal, Echo and Caveira, so the developers are in the process of discussing how to approach balancing around picks and bans in ranked play. The devs also list sound bugs and connectivity as the game's top issues. According to the list, a team has been dedicated specifically to solving connectivity issues, and the team is addressing sound bugs (such as muffled or missing sounds) as they are identified.

As with other live service games, Siege has seen many updates and patches since launch. These additions have varied in mileage: Rainbow Six: Siege Year 4 Season 2, for example, lacked substantial content, while updates like the recent old-west themed Rainbow Six: Siege Showdown mode provided interesting twists on the game's formula. Substantial new content is always a plus, but fixes for things like the client-side issue are important for the game's long-term health. Since client-side debris has been around for nearly four years at this point, it almost seemed like something players could expect to stick around until Ubisoft stopped supporting the game. But the recent news of Rainbow Six: Siege PS5 and next-gen Xbox versions means Ubisoft will likely support the game for many years to come, so it makes sense for the company to finally address this issue.

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