Rainbow Six Siege's New Year 3, Season 3 Operators Revealed

It's been a busy week for Ubisoft and the Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege community. From daily updates on Ubisoft's blog about the continuously growing game to the the first ever Six Major in Paris. Esports aside, the tournament will also be host to the full reveal of Operation Grim Sky.

Grim Sky is the year 3, season 3 expansion for Rainbow Six Siege where the game will get two new operators (one attacker and one defender) along with the game's first ever complete map rework. We've already seen the new take on Hereford Base and now we can also finally delve into details on Clash and Maverick - the new specialists joining the Rainbow roster.

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Confirming leaks and for one of the operators from old rumors, Clash and Maverick bring the game's first defensive shield operator and a new hard breacher. Below are the official descriptions of each character and their unique backgrounds and skill sets. Gameplay reveals and specifics on how their abilities work will premiere during the tournament this weekend.

Morowa “Clash” Evans - Defensive Shield

Born and raised in England, she’s a tough officer who served with the Territorial Support Group, holding the front line during the 2011 London Riots. She earned her spot with the Specialist Firearms Command (SCO19), making herself known within London’s Metropolitan Police Services (MPS).

She’s an expert at devising crowd-control strategies and she even acquired special permission to attend Gold Command meetings. She later made Detective Constable. Her experience, service record and persistence in her line of work got her noticed by Rainbow Six.

Twitch and Mira combined their engineering backgrounds, leading an R&D project to create the CCE Shield (Crowd Control Electro Shield). Clash is the perfect Operator to handle this new gadget and weapon because she understands mob behavior and she pioneered snatch squad tactics, not to mention her experience as a riot officer. She knows exactly when and where to deploy this shield to deny entry and slow down her opponents. Not only that, Clash has the backbone to stand her ground and a cooperative mindset to set herself up for assists. She shows no mercy and she has zero-tolerance for nonsense.

Despite her new title as DC at the MPS, she knows she belongs on the front line. This new Defender joining Rainbow Six, she’s none other than Morowa “Clash” Evans.

Erik “Maverick” Thorn - Blowtorch

Maverick is known for his precise work and keen mind, yet he remains an enigma within Rainbow Six.

He was investigating the case of a missing reporter when he himself went MIA. The Unit had no means of communicating with him. Maverick re-emerged two years later with enough intel to dismantle a major insurgency operation. No one knows what really happened to him during those two years, but he’s been seen carrying a D.I.Y. blowtorch ever since, one that can make holes in metal surfaces. On the field, he’s found multiple uses for it, including but not limited to making murder holes. It takes a patient and fast Operator like Maverick to hold those angles.

Maverick’s expertise and his list of successful missions became the stuff of legend among Intelligence Collectors, gaining the attention of Rainbow Six.

It takes someone with exceptional intelligence, a deep understanding of human behavior, and high adaptability to one’s environment to do what he does. The one person who still does it best is Erik “Maverick” Thorn.

Both operators bring rather extreme personalities and front line experience and both have the potential to offer a significant shift to the game's meta. They also help bring to total number of operators to 42 for the game (the previous two new ops included Alibi and Maestro). With Hereford Base being redesigned (and other maps continually being buffed as designers learn from experience and improve competitive play for each of the older maps), the game will hold steady with 20 maps. There are also other balance changes and tweaks coming with the game's Y3S3 patch which you can read about in Ubisoft's designer notes here.

At the time of this writing, Siege has been the #1 game on thanks to the Six Major in Paris event. Using the quarterly DLC Expansions and tying them into the quarterly tournaments is a brilliant way to self-promote both the new content and the game's esports league.

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