Raimi Insists He AND Campbell Will Be Back For 'Evil Dead 4'

The current cinematic equivalent of a tennis match is whether or not there is going to be a fourth film in the Evil Dead franchise. It's pretty safe to say that this has been wondered about and very much wanted ever since the third film in the series Army of Darkness. And I'm sure over at least the last few years, whenever any chance of talking to Raimi comes around, he gets asked about an Evil Dead 4.

As movie fans it's hard to know just what to think when it comes to the possibility of a fourth film - do we trust Raimi when he as said numerous time before that he would like to go back to the franchise? Or do we trust the star of the first three, Bruce Campbell, when he says "no dice" (at least about him returning)?

Well speaking of the latter, adding to what Sam Raimi said last week at SXSW, Raimi more recently laughed off Campbell's remarks and insisted that he would be back for a fourth film if it were to be made:

"He [Campbell] can dream all he wants. He's trying to get out of getting back in shape," he smiled. "I'm going to kick his butt in shape. I'm gonna say ‘get back in the chainsaw!'"

And when the future of the Evil Dead franchise was hinted at, Raimi had this to say:

"I hope to [return to it], yes," Raimi admitted. "Every time I say I would like to [revisit the films], people say, ‘where the hell is it!?!' But I'm just glad people are still interested. But yes, I would really like to do [another ‘Evil Dead' film]. I've just got a commitment to make ‘Spider-Man 4' right now though."

Raimi added his humorous thoughts about Campbell:

"He's a really nice, but he pretends that he's a really rough bastard," he laughed.

It's hard to know what to think about an Evil Dead 4 simply because it's been so back and forth between "happening" and "not happening." If I were to guess I would say that it will happen at some point, but something tells me it's not going to be any time soon. Raimi is still (as he said above) tied to the Spider-Man franchise, and it really doesn't look like Campbell is interested right now in returning to play Ash (although his last directorial effort My Name Is Bruce still suggests he's nostalgic about it).

However, if and when they do make the film, it simply has to be with Campbell as the chainsaw-wielding Ash. His success and recognition are because of those first three movies, and for him not to return not only doesn't make sense for him as an actor, but for the franchise in general.

Hopefully once Raimi has freed up his schedule a bit, and Campbell changes his mind (he'd be crazy not to!) this thing will get going.

Do you think Evil Dead 4 will happen any time soon (if ever)? And would you be okay with an Evil Dead movie without Campbell?

Source: MTV Movies Blog

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