‘Raid: Redemption’ Director Planning New Action Film

The Raid: Redemption is one of those great films that mainstream American audiences, for the most part, unfortunately missed out on. However, for those lucky enough to see the Indonesian action film from Gareth Evans, it probably only made them more eager to see what the Welsh-born writer/director will do next.

Next year, Evans will write and direct an unnamed action drama for Media Rights Capital. According to Deadline, plot details are still scarce, but the film will feature two strong male leads. Evans had previously inked a deal to direct heist film Breaking the Bank for Universal, but this untitled project will go in front of cameras first (that is, after Evans concludes work on the upcoming Raid sequel, titled Berandal in its native language).

Since little has been revealed thus far, it remains unknown whether the untitled film will feature any stars of Evans’ previous films or showcase the distinctive style of Indonesian martial arts known as "pencak silat"  that featured heavily in The Raid. Meanwhile, Hollywood – in its endless mission to rehash prior successes – already has an American remake of The Raid in development.

Gareth Evans Raid Redemption

Regardless of the film’s premise or cast, this is certainly welcome news for Evans’ burgeoning American fanbase. If his breakout film is any indication of the man’s chops as an action director, U.S. audiences should be in for quite a treat. Our own Kofi Outlaw said that The Raid: Redemption deserves to be ranked alongside the original Die Hard as an example of action cinema at its finest.

Here’s hoping that Evans is able to deliver on that promise and establish himself as the next big action auteur without compromising his vision.

Berandal – aka The Raid 2 – will likely hit theaters in 2013.

Are you excited about Evans’ English language debut or worried that his style will get lost in translation? Sound off in the comments.


Source: Deadline

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