The Raid: Joe Carnahan Confirms He's Directing U.S. Reimagining

The Raid: Redemption

As the movie industry continues to become more global, the concept of remaking foreign films has not died down. Recently Jack Nicholson announced he would come back to act in a remake of Toni Erdmann, a film nominated for Best Foreign Film at this year's Oscars. Not only are Oscar-contending dramas being remade, but so are the films that have gained a strong following. However, arguably no foreign film from the past few years boasts as dedicated a following as The Raid series.

The first two Raid films have been critical hits, but have not achieved mainstream popularity yet. While there's not a widespread demand to see a U.S. remake of The Raid franchise right now, the hope is that such a film would bring the cult hit, ultra-violent crime action/drama franchise the attention of a much larger audience. Frank Grillo has been attached to star in The Raid remake since 2014, and it has now been confirmed who will be directing him in the movie.

Joe Carnahan confirmed on Twitter that he is not only producing the remake, but that he is also attached to direct The Raid "reimagining" as well. Carnahan and Grillo previously worked together on The Grey, and with original Raid director Gareth Evans involved as a producer on the remake, the three men are looking to do more of a reimagining of the original Raid film, rather than rehash it beat for beat for U.S. moviegoers.

Frank Grillo as Crossbones

Thanks to the love that so many have for the original Raid films, Carnahan has already tried to get ahead of any negativity that could surround the idea of them reimagining The Raid. He's made clear on Twitter that he is a big fan of the films as well, which is why he asked fellow die hard fans to take a breathe and relax because they have something special in mind. Regardless of how special of a direction they plan to take, there will still be those that do not want to see a beloved film remade.

That said, the film already appears to be in good hands. The level of involvement that Evans will have is unclear right now, but Carnahan makes it sound as though he has been majorly involved. If the original director is signing off on this reimagining, we should all trust in the vision that Carnahan and Grillo have. The movie currently does not have a targeted release date, but Carnahan will be busy with Bad Boys for Life at the end of this year, so the film could possibly be on the fast track to production - depending on how long the studio behind the project wants to wait, after Carnahan wraps the third Bad Boys film.

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