What To Expect From The Raid 3

What should fans expect from The Raid 3 and is the long-delayed action sequel likely to happen? The original The Raid seemingly came out of nowhere in 2011, with director Gareth Evans' Indonesian thriller following an elite squads raid on a crime-infested high-rise. The team has to fight their way through a seemingly endless wave of killers, setting the scene for exhilarating – and extremely violent – fight scenes. The Raid’s lean structure and non-stop fight scenes made it an instant cult classic.

Evans broadened the scope for The Raid 2 where returning hero Rama (Ido Uwais) goes undercover in a crime family. The sequel still featured incredible action scenes but the plot was much more complex. Evans teased he already had a concept in mind for The Raid 3 during the sequel's release, but he wanted to take a break from martial arts movies and try another genre first. Following the release of his most recent project, Netflix’s folk horror Apostle, the director cast doubt on his return to The Raid 3.

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Here’s what fans should expect from The Raid 3 – should it eventually happen.

What Is The Story Of The Raid 3?

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During the release of The Raid 2, Evans teased a third movie would be set right before the ending of the sequel. The Raid 2 climaxes in an epic fight scene, where Rama fights his way through a wave of enemies while gang war rages offscreen.

Evans eventually revealed in 2018 The Raid 3 would have started about 15 minutes prior to the end of The Raid 2, where Yakuza boss Goto orders a full-on gang war. The movie would have followed this fight from the Yakuza’s perspective and the fallout from the battle. It also would have returned to the lean, action heavy approach of the first movie.

Rama Would Have Played A Small Role In The Raid 3

Iko Uwais in The Raid

In addition to being a great screen fighter, lead actor Ido Uwais (Mile 22) brought a lot of heart to the part of Rama. The movies follow his journey from rookie cop to undercover gangster, who only wants to return home to his wife and child. The Raid 2 ends on an ambiguous note for the character, suggesting he could be about to die. While Evans didn’t reveal the character’s planned fate, he did say while Rama would have appeared, he would have played a small role in The Raid 3.

Will The Raid 3 Ever Happen?

Sadly, it appears Evans has totally lost interest in The Raid 3. He claims the project would have needed to happen shortly after The Raid 2, but starting it five years after the sequel is too late. Without Evans’ involvement, it’s doubtful a third movie will happen. Perhaps another filmmaker could revive it with Uwais returning, but there are currently no plans for The Raid 3.

An American Remake Of The Raid Is Still Planned

Frank Grillo in The Purge Anarchy

While The Raid 3 might not happen, a remake of the original might. An American remake of The Raid was planned shortly after the original proved so popular. Patrick Hughes (The Expendables 3) was chosen to direct with Frank Grillo cast in a supporting role. The studio was looking to cast Chris and Liam Hemsworth as brothers in the remake, but that version eventually fell apart in 2015.

It was later announced Grillo was teaming up with his The Grey director Joe Carnahan for The Raid remake, with Evans producing. Carnahan’s version will take place in Venezuela with the movie's action described as more grounded and less balletic. Grillo also claimed Uwais could potentially become involved, with the two actors working together on Beyond Skyline. Little has been heard of the remake since 2017, however, so it's unknown if The Raid remake is still in development.

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