RAGE 2 Teaser Trailer: Mad Max Meets Borderlands

Bethesda has released the official teaser trailer for RAGE 2 with an official gameplay reveal set to be released tomorrow morning. This teaser is all about confirming all the RAGE 2 leaks and teases while emphasizing the new attitude for the sequel through a series of live-action vignettes. The video showcases an eccentric cast of characters that live in the game's post-apocalyptic wasteland, and there are plenty of energy drinks and vaping going on to really drive home what Bethesda is going for.

The RAGE 2 trailer comes just days after the game's surprise existence was prematurely leaked by Walmart Canada. Few were expecting a sequel to RAGE to be released this year due to its lackluster critical and commercial reception in 2011, but clearly Bethesda still sees plenty of potential in the brand seven years later. The original title released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC as an open-world first-person shooter developed by DOOM studio id Software but was better appreciated as an impressive visual tech demo for the id Tech 5 game engine.

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One of the most interesting aspects revealed about RAGE 2 comes not from the trailer, but rather from the game's official website. Just Cause and Mad Max developer Avalanche Studios is listed as the developer. While this marks the first time Avalanche has primarily handled a game for Bethesda, the two companies have a history together. Avalanche had previously worked with Bethesda in order to support both Prey and Fallout 4.

The developer change is interesting, but not entirely surprising, and it's certainly evident in the Mad Max style aesthetics. Bethesda has given id Software's properties to other developers in the past (most successfully with the recent Wolfenstein shooters), and the company has seen plenty of change (including the departure of founder John Carmack) since the original released in 2011. However, few studios have as much experience working on open-world action games as Avalanche Studios, and they've already shown that they can do a good job with post-apocalyptic design thanks to their work on 2015's Mad Max game.

Since the RAGE 2 leaks (including this trailer which debuted unofficially earlier today) wound up being real, there's reason to believe that Avalanche Studios will have even more to show soon. Walmart Canada also listed the existence of Just Cause 4, so the Avalanche's own highly popular action game might be making a comeback sooner rather than later too. It also lends credence to other rumored titles such as a new Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3, and yet another Gears of War entry.

More information on RAGE 2, including the first gameplay footage, is set to be unveiled tomorrow at 10am Eastern. It's also a shoe-in to be a major factor during Bethesda's upcoming E3 2018 press conference.


Source: Bethesda

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