Rage 2 Release Date and Trailer: New Biomes, Guns, and Vehicles

Tonight at The Game Awards, Bethesda debuted a brand new trailer for RAGE 2 along with the game's sooner-than-expected release date! The radically different and surprising sequel was leaked ahead of its reveal this summer at E3 2018 where it was officially unveiled during Bethesda's E3 keynote presentation.

This new RAGE 2 trailer showcases the game's "massive open world, multiple biomes, soaring gyrocopters, crushing monster trucks, big-ass guns, Mutant Bash TV mayhem, a taste of some serious Faction-action." And the best part is, there are no load times!

Check out the much more varied, pretty, bigger, seamless take on RAGE and enjoy the Mad Max: Fury Road-esque combat sequences. RAGE 2 has a release date of May 14, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Now that's a trailer! And the map looks massive, especially when taking into account how different each outpost and biome seems to be.

The id-style games from Bethesda are riding the hype train now, between Doom and RAGE and this is much-needed given the horrible state of the Fallout brand and seemingly daily PR disasters Bethesda is dealing with on that front thanks to Fallout 76. It helps that RAGE 2 looks like a visual spectacle with next-level animation and gameplay. Interestingly enough, the change to an over-the-top vibrant color scheme was embraced by fellow open-world franchise, Far Cry, this evening at The Game Awards as well and we all know Borderlands 3 is on the way.

Ubisoft unveiled Far Cry: New Dawn and you should totally check out its trailer and screenshots to compare.

Bethesda also teased that in RAGE 2 players will be able to "go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything" and that more details are coming in the next few months as we approach the game's summer release date. The only thing RAGE 2 is missing it seems is co-op play, and that prevents it from really challenging the Borderlands series. Similarly, Just Cause 4 just released - another massive open-world series, and it's been sticking with single-player too in its own over-the-top action offerings.

Share your thoughts on RAGE 2 and its latest trailer in the comments!

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RAGE 2 releases May 14, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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