RAGE 2 Is The Latest Game To Ditch Loading Times

RAGE 2 E3 2018 trailer

It looks as though RAGE 2 is going to allow players to go mutant fighting in the post-apocalypse without being held back by pesky loading times. Several in-development video games have been making this move of late, allowing for a much more seamless experience where large, open areas are no longer met with extremely long load times, while titles such as God of War have also experimented with no camera cuts.

This lack of load times could definitely work well for RAGE 2. The title, which is a follow-up to 2011's RAGE, has been making waves prior to its release date next year, showing off a stunning gameplay trailer at E3 2018 before launching into a much more in-depth gameplay feature to showcase exactly what players will have to compete with come launch. All in all, it's looking rather impressive so far.

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Cutting out loading will no doubt improve things even further, and that's exactly what id Software studio director Tim Willits is planning to do. Speaking with VentureBeat, Willits explained that the need to drop loading times in part came as lessons learned from the first game, which certainly had its fair share of waiting.

"The biggest lesson we learned was, don’t try to make an open world game with a technology that isn’t open world," stated Willits. "You had the first-person combat areas, and then you had the driving areas, and then you had the racing areas." With all the loading in between, Willits is right to suggest that this made the overall experience feel a little "disconnected." However, this will apparently not be the case with RAGE 2.

Instead, RAGE 2 will allow players more control, and without having to hang back to allow the game to keep up. "It’s really seamless among all the environments, from racing to combat to walking into a town. There are no loads," said Willits. Players will be able to choose their own path with much more ease, although from the sounds of it not every path is entirely advisable. "Once you get past the introduction area of the game, the world opens up. If you want to make a straight line and try to fight the boss, no problem. That makes the difference."

It's a tantalizing prospect, and one which no doubt many gamers will be interested in checking out. Loading times, particularly in open world games, are incredibly frustrating, but slowly developers are removing the need, as seen with fellow up-and-coming titles Just Cause 4, Cyberpunk 2077, and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Hopefully, this means that those long wait times will soon be a thing of the past.

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Source: VentureBeat

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