RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer: This Looks So Much Better Than The Original

The end of the world looks to have gotten a whole lot bloodier as the first gameplay trailer for RAGE 2 clearly outshines its predecessor.

Following the aftermath of asteroid 99942 Apophis wiping out much of life as we know it on Earth, 2011's RAGE was a big hit for id Software and publisher Bethesda. After days of brightly colored teasing, RAGE 2 was officially announced with an impressive trailer, however, fans of the Mad Max-style shooter can now see what the sequel will really play like.

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While the reveal trailer was a cinematic masterpiece, it sadly didn't leave any room for a look at gameplay. Now, keen to keep the hype machine turning, Bethesda is showcasing a little of what is going on beneath the hood of RAGE 2.

Mixing pulpy cyberpunk with apocalyptic chic, fans can clearly see where RAGE 2 is improving on the original in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Clearly amping up the open world aspect of RAGE 2, Earth has gone to pot even more since the first game flew off the shelves. With bigger bosses, stranger creatures, and more weird-and-wonderful tribes than before, gamers can have a taste of what they can expect from the title.

RAGE 2 gameplay trailer

Described by Bethesda as a "a f-cking AAAAAA game," RAGE 2 is a marriage of the minds from id Software and Avalanche Studios. Although still set in a dusty wasteland, there is plenty that is new to bring back existing RAGE players while also luring in new fans. New mechanics show the ability to blast enemies with some sort of charge, there also appears to be the ability to jump higher than ever before and an improvement on close-quarters combat.

As well as the trailer looking at the wide array of weaponry, Bethesda is showing off the larger emphasis on using vehicular transport. While the first RAGE relied on this simply as a way to travel between missions and an impressive multiplayer mode, RAGE 2 is revving the engines even more. Everything from dune buggies to gyrocopters will be at players' disposal, perfectly melding the ideas of a classic shooter and a racing game.

While the first game ended on a tantalizing cliffhanger, the gameplay trailer doesn't reveal whether any of those loose plot threads will be addressed in RAGE 2. However, who knows what else the game has up its sleeve. Bethesda has already promised that its E3 showcase will be the biggest to date, while the hotly anticipated RAGE sequel promises to be a major talking point alongside potential releases like DOOM 2 and the long-awaited Starfield. Either way, it looks like the wait for RAGE 2 will be well worth it.

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