RAGE 2 Trailer: Devoid of Law and Order

As expected, Bethesda's E3 2018 showcase kicked off with a deep dive into RAGE 2 gameplay. New footage of the stylish first-person shooter was shown during their annual E3 press conference. In it, players got a better look at how they'll be able to interact with the post-apocalyptic world when it releases in the second quarter of 2019.

While the original RAGE was made by DOOM developer id Software, the primary production house behind the sequel is Avalanche Studios. They're certainly experienced at making open-world action games, as they are best known for their work on the Just Cause series and 2015's Mad Max. The independent studio was recently acquired by Nordic film company Nordisk, and will continue to work with third-party publishers like Bethesda Softworks on new releases in addition to making their own smaller projects.

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As one can see in the newly released gameplay trailer, RAGE 2 has much more of an edge than the original game. While a technical accomplishment, the original 2011 release lacked a memorable story and failed to resonate with players after they had put the game down. Avalanche Studios is clearly looking to build upon the interesting concept and action of RAGE, while avoiding the pitfalls that kept the original from reaching its full potential when it released seven years ago.

In RAGE 2, there are no loading times between areas. It's a seamless open-world. And the combat takes a few pages from id Software's library of shooter mechanics. There are crazy throwable weapons and grenades, including some that warp gravity, and a set of powers the player character can acquire. These can be used in combos to pull off powerful melee attacks.

With the open world comes larger-scale vehicle combat and it looks amazing. This is exactly what we should expect from the power coupling of id Software (Doom) and Avalanche Software (Just Cause 4). And we're in.

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RAGE 2 releases spring 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Bethesda

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