Rage 2 Gets Explosive New Gameplay Trailer At QuakeCon

Bethesda's presentation at QuakeCon 2018 gave fans a fresh look at some Mad Max-inspired gameplay from RAGE 2. The highly anticipated sequel was spoiled ahead of time for E3, but when it came to QuakeCon, Bethesda was already revving its engines with brand new footage.

Developers id Software and Avalanche Studios have been working on the follow-up to 2010's game and will once again publish RAGE 2 under the acclaimed Bethesda umbrella. Although RAGE was well-received when it originally hit consoles - and included a cliffhanger ending - the delay between games left many fans wondering if they'd ever see RAGE 2. Hoping to show that it's been worth the wait, the extended gameplay trailer is sure to be a highlight of QuakeCon.

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With a much larger open-world feel than the first game, the apocalyptic shooter is definitely more colorful than its predecessor. Confirmed to take place 30 years after the original game, RAGE 2 picks up with Earth still trying to recover from a global catastrophe. The standout sequence once again puts players behind the wheel for an ambitious take on vehicular gameplay. Promising "charged up, chopped up, and jacked up" vehicles, RAGE 2 is one for shooter and racing fans alike.

Rage 2 QuakeCon 2018 gameplay trailer vehicles

With the return of RAGE favorite Doctor Kvasir, the focus of the gameplay trailer has the main character tasked with heading to the Eden Space Center and deploying a secret weapon. Getting there is the hard part, and putting RAGE 2's spin on the genre, the action really picks up when on the road to Eden. Considering Avalanche was responsible for 2015's Mad Max game, it isn't hard to see where the basis for RAGE 2's combat comes from.

As with all Bethesda's games, there is a wide array of imaginative weaponry. The Wingstick is back again to help take down enemies from around corners, but this time, it has a RAGE 2 upgrade. While id Software's expertise on shooters like Wolfenstein and Quake explains the weaponry, Avalanche's work on open-world games like Just Cause means there is a more diverse backdrop of locations in RAGE 2. With jungles, deserts, and wetlands, the developers have spared no expense in bringing variety to this version of the end of the world.

As well as comparisons to Mad MaxRAGE 2 is making the most of its Borderlands vibe with different factions and well-rounded enemies to take aim at. Combine this with some Bioshock-esque powers and RAGE 2 could be one to watch as it aims for a broad market appeal. There are plenty of new enemies, missions, and gameplay mechanics for players to sink their teeth into when RAGE 2 drives onto  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC in 2019.

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