Racing Wives: Samantha Busch Says She Can't Do Business with Amber

Samanth Busch in Racing Wives

Star of Racing Wives, Samantha Busch says she can't see herself conducting business with racing driver Amber after a series of unfortunate events.

Busch was known as the wife of NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch, but has now debuted as a reality star in her own right. She runs her own charity organization and has worked as an executive within the family business at Kyle Busch Motorsports, which is an American professional stock car racing team.

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As an executive of the company, Busch had been trying very hard to obtain the first potential female driver for Kyle Busch Motorsports. She believed she had found the history-making driver in Amber Balcaen, a Canadian rookie who was making waves in the industry, but fans recently watched as Balcaen found it hard to navigate the ins and outs of the NASCAR world. According to People, Balcaen was invited as a guest to a charity event by the Busch’s and did not make a good first impression. She was seen taking a shot of liquor, which is highly frowned upon when she was supposed to be making connections and finding sponsors. Busch decided to give Balcaen another chance to impress Kyle Busch at their companies’ fan appreciation day. Sadly, Balcaen was not prepared and sat with drivers that had already been signed to the company and signed autographs. Busch had to pull the rookie aside, chastising her on her poor choice of behavior.

Racing Wives cast

Balcaen apologized profusely and tried to explain that she has always had a close connection with the fans and did not mean to offend her future employers. Busch snapped back saying that if Balcaen was meant to be in the lineup, she would have been prepped and told a particular time to arrive. Busch later spoke with her husband, saying Balcaen's behavior blew her mind, and she was not sure she would be the right woman to represent Kyle Busch Motorsports. She ended the conversation saying she was fed up with the her behavior.

To viewers of Racing Wives, it looks like Balcaen has blown her chances at racing for the famous NASCAR family. She did not seem confident in her ability as a driver or as an adult. In previews for the next episode, Balcaen’s driving techniques are called into question, while Busch continues to doubt whether she has made the right choice or not. Hopefully, fans will see Balcaen redeem herself throughout the season by having a chance to make history and race for a top one finish in victory lane.

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Racing Wives airs Fridays at 10 pm EST on CMT.

Source: People

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