Racing Wives Is The Real Housewives Meets NASCAR

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CMT's new series, Racing Wives, will use the winning formula of The Real Housewives franchise and the excitement of NASCAR. The new show will feature the wives of NASCAR drivers as well as a few Monster Energy Girls - which most fans recognize as "the victory lane girls." The wives of NASCAR drivers will become the center of attention in the winner’s circle, ahead of their husbands.

CMT announced that they will be airing a new docuseries aimed at showing the real lives behind the personal side of NASCAR. The reality driving show will feature two NASCAR champions and a Daytona 500 winner amongst the cast. It's set to be unscripted and will take place in Lake Norman, North Carolina, where most of the NASCAR royalty resides.

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According to motor1, the new docuseries will follow the lives of NASCAR wives and their husbands as they navigate through the season. On the premiere episode, viewers will get a glimpse of Samantha and Ashley Busch, who are married to the famous brothers, Kyle and Kurt Busch, as well as Whitney Ward Dillon, who is married to driver Austen Dillon. Lastly, there is Amber Balcean, who is not a wife at all, but a driver herself. Balcean is a Canadian racer who has already raced in NASCAR K&N Pro Series East, but is now looking to be a driver for the Kyle Busch Motorsports team.

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According to the wives, the goal of the unscripted drama is to showcase the fame of NASCAR while also presenting how the women balance friendships, family, businesses, and of course, racing. Kyle Busch said, “It’s a unique opportunity and a sneak peek into the lives of us. Mostly the wives, obviously, outside of racing and what we do here at the racetrack each and every weekend.” This is the first time in history that a reality show such as this will be put on air. Ten years ago, the Discovery Channel did try to develop a show called NASCAR Wives, but the show never made it to production due to the lack of drama between the women.

For most of the year, NASCAR drivers are racing at least once a week and being watched by millions of viewers. Now it's the wives' time to take over and get their one hour of fame time slot. Viewers are interested in how CMT will decide to show a behind the scenes look at the world of NASCAR, while keeping a focus on the female perception of the sport.

Racing Wives air Fridays at 10pm EST on CMT

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Source: Motor1

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